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The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute

The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute is a government of India regional cancer Centre and an autonomous body operated by the Gujarat government and Gujarat Cancer Society. The Institute's main objective is to deliver cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic services to cancer patients of all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. The responsibilities also include: Tracking the population's tumour burden. Preventing cancer through public awareness campaigns. Treating local medical problems through research and training medical students. Transferring information to the medical community. The GCRI, To carry out their chief mission; Performs OPD and indoor actions for disease diagnosis, screening, therapy, and observation to cancer patients. Treatment is provided to poor patients for free or reduced cost, regardless of caste, creed, or religion. Training for the upcoming generations of doctors as well as the practicing fraternity. Offers one-of-a-kind experimental and research-oriented diagnosis and treatment services to test innovative forms of diagnosis and therapy to improve cancer patients' quality of life and expected survival. Organizes public education programmes, blood donation and diagnostic camps, seminars, and other scientific gatherings. A permanent Cancer Awareness and Anti-Tobacco exhibition is on display and other preventive initiatives. Offers a hospice training facility, home-hospice services, and rehabilitation services.


Patient has to fill a form from the nearest urban health centre. If patient is undergoing the treatment at this particular hospital only, then they provide help of Rs.1500 each month

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