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The Chief Minister's Relief Fund
All India

The Chief Minister's Relief Fund was authorized as per GOI Order No: FD 103 ACP 58, dated 03/12/1958, and rules were drafted by GOI Order No: FD 35 BMS 1978, dated 12/09/1078. The amount of relief is being distributed exclusively based on the Hon'ble Chief Minister's discretionary powers. The CMRF does not have any budgetary support. The CMRF is made up of donations from the general public, corporations, boards of directors, and others. Income tax exemption is provided for all offerings. The guidelines are written so that financial aid is provided to the following groups: Eligible unemployed people BPL Card Holders Death of the family's head of household People with disabilities who are eligible


Eligibility: Permanent residents of the State Distressed patients who are undergone treatment in the Govt./Non Govt. Hospitals/Institutions and also are unable to bear the cost of treatment Patients who are not eligible to get benefit of Employees State Insurance Scheme/any other insurance scheme or get reimbursement from employer/organization. Patients can avail the assistance only once for the same case in one financial year.

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