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The Bombay Community Public Trust
All India

The Bombay Community Public Trust- When one of the world's largest corporations happens to be a philanthropic organization, it inspires aspirations for a bright and sustainable future in a country with the world's second-largest population. The Tata trusts represent humanitarianism and personify the tremendous force that pushes social and economic growth to new heights for people all around the country. Community Development - Numerous NGO organizations have cooperated with several slum communities to provide community learning Centres for children as well as other shared amenities. Women's empowerment through community development has been applied successfully. Efforts to safeguard the environment through the mantra of "reduce, recycle, reuse" have received support in a variety of ways. Water management awareness, rubbish and construction debris recycling, and plastic reuse have all been important programmes. A small number of innovative programmes have actively encouraged communal harmony. During the harsh times that the city has been through, disaster assistance becomes a big activity.

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