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Parivartan Sandesh Foundation

The Parivartan Sandesh Foundation promotes several programmes in assuring the right to education, access to health care, empowering adolescents using vocational skills to improve their livelihood opportunities, and creating awareness of social issues. The primary purpose of PSF existence is to improve the lives of the underprivileged in terms of health, education, self-reliance skills, and social awareness. Mission: Increasing the living conditions of disadvantaged populations, particularly children, to create long-term societal transformation and to have access to health care. To influence policies and actions at a result-oriented level to address the causes of poverty and inequality. To identify and work with the economically and socially disadvantaged, beginning with youngsters to educate, skill, and inform them. Give worthy teenagers more opportunities to become self-sufficient and live a healthy, dignified, and sustainable life


Treatment for severe illnesses is supported for children from the most marginalized, economically destitute households through their 'Heart Energize' initiative. Children between the ages of one and ten are considered.

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