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Ntr Vaidya Seva

The system is in addition to the services provided by government hospitals and, when combined, offers preventative, primary care, and in-patient treatment to the BPL population. To assist illiterate patients, all primary health care Centres (PSCs), which are the first point of contact, as well as area/district hospitals and network hospitals, are equipped with help desks manned by Vaidya Mithras. The scheme's beneficiaries are members of below-poverty-line (BPL) families who are enumerated and photographed on a white ration card connected to an Aadhar card and stored in the civil supply department's database. The trust's highest level monitors the complaints and grievances. The scheme will give financial coverage for services to beneficiaries up to Rs.2.50 lakh per family per annum on a floater basis (height of universal health coverage). Under this plan, there will be no co-payment. Financial protection (height of universal health coverage) On a floater basis, the scheme will provide coverage for services to beneficiaries up to Rs.2.50 lakh per family per annum. Under this plan, there will be no co-payment. Coverage of benefits (depth of universal health coverage) Outpatient: The scheme is designed so that the advantage in primary care is addressed through free screening and outpatient consultation in health camps and network hospitals as part of scheme implementation in-patient: The scheme shall provide coverage for the 1044 "listed therapies" for identified diseases in the 29 categories package includes the following services: end-to-end cashless service offered through a nwh from the time of report. Free post-operative evaluation of individuals who may not be candidates for "listed therapy." The programme covers all pre-existing cases that are treated with the listed therapies. Food and transportation are two necessities. The scheme is currently being implemented in 523 hospitals (government hospitals 152 and corporate hospitals 371) cmco Centres Hyderabad Centre In order to assist illiterate or poor patients who do not have a white card (bpl ration card), the government established a cmco referral Centre at the camp office of the Hon'ble Chief Minister. These patients must come to the cmco Centre in person, bringing evidence of residency and medical records. Under the Vaidya seva system, a temporary referral card with the patient's photograph and a 10-day validity period will be issued to the patient, allowing him or her to receive cashless treatment in a network hospital for recognized ailments. Centres on the outskirts The trust created five (5) cmco peripheral facilities in Kurnool, Kakinada, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, and Tirupati to give cmco referral cards to qualified patients for cashless treatment under the plan with specified guidelines to assist illiterate or impoverished patients living in the districts. Cochlear implant programme: The initiative provides financial help to infants born entirely deaf and dumb to undergo cochlear implantation surgery and audio-verbal treatment. Pre-lingual deafness affects children under the age of two, while post-lingual deafness affects children under the age of twelve. Each child has covered for Rs.6.50 lakh, with services including cochlear implant surgery. ii. A one-year audio-verbal therapy programme follow-up services: Patients who require long-term follow-up therapy are supplied with follow-up services for a period of one year through fixed packages in order to gain the most benefit from the procedure and minimize complications. Package of follow-up services for consultations, diagnostics, and medications, among other things. The trust's technical committee produced 125 specified remedies over the course of a year in conjunction with specialists. Emergency registration and admission: In the event of an emergency, all beneficiaries must be admitted by an nwh and treated right away. If the patient is suffering from one of the specified therapies, Medco or the treating doctor must acquire emergency telephonic pre-authorization using the trust's specialized round-the-clock telephone lines. Health camps are the primary means of mobilizing beneficiaries. Health camps play a vital role in IEC [information, education, and communication] activities, screening, counselling, and treatment of common ailments, as well as referring patients to government and corporate network hospitals for treatment under vaidya seva. Complaints and grievance redressal: To ensure fair and timely redress of concerns received from diverse sources, a comprehensive complaint cell and grievance redressal procedure is put in place using an online system with explicit tat's (turnaround times). On a daily basis.


Remarks: End-to-end cashless service offered through a NWH from the time of reporting of a patient till ten days post discharge medication, including complications if any up to thirty (30) days post-discharge, for those patients who undergo a "listed therapy (ies). Free OP evaluation of patients for listed therapies who may not undergo treatment for "listed therapies. All the pre-existing cases under listed therapies are covered under the scheme. Food and Transportation. Amount: 2 Lakhs to 2.50 Lakhs per family per annum Eligibility: The beneficiaries of the scheme are the members of Below Poverty Line (BPL)

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