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N K Dhabar Cancer Foundation

As Mumbai was experiencing a lot of cancer cases and not many were able to get standard quality medication. Hence The N K Dharbhar foundation came into existence. The foundation's main aim was to offer various ventures to support cancer. It was started on June 5th 2011, in the remembrance of Mr. Nariman K Dhabar, father of Dr Boman Dhabrar. Having come to understand the importance of the accessibility, affordability and availability of cancer medication among the economically backward, the foundation offers funds and also clinical assistance for creating a base for the cancer treatment facilities that are already available. The foundation also provides counselling for mental well being and offer palliative care as well as set up seminars to raise awareness on early detection and prevention of cancer. The organization's goals also include encouraging to connect with the national and international government, NGOs, and research on cancer.


Provide assistance to patients undergoing treatment only in Mumbai. The patient should be below the poverty line, should possess all the relevant documents like Aadhar card, OPD card and then on the basis of the type of the disease and the income level of the patient, the foundation decides whether to give the grant.

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