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Kasturi Foundation

The Kasturi foundation is a non-profit organization and is on a mission to raise public awareness about the importance of getting cancer checked before it hits the night phase. The foundation also holds cancer awareness seminars, anti-tobacco and aid medication. Anti-Gutka presentations at schools, colleges, universities and also corporations. They also conduct seminars on breast cancer awareness and pink ribbon drives, Lavasa women's drive in the month of October. The foundation also provides cancer detection camps and mammography for early detection and prevention. They also aim to aid medication after a cancer diagnosis by offering finances for full or partial medication, sponsorships, free monthly food grain supplies to cancer patients and their families. Birthdays for cancer diagnosed children are also celebrated to make them feel the same. Mental and emotional support for the patients is also provided. The foundation also offers free counselling for early detection, mental well being and follow-ups.


Blood Product Support We will fund patients from lower income group to undergo advanced diagnostic test Support Cancer Patients Kasturi Foundation will provide subsidized/ free medicines to cancer patients of lower income group. Amount: Financial assistance : Partial - 10,000 Full sponsership- 3,00,000

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