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Kalpana Datta Foundation For Cancer Care

The main objective of the foundation is to increase awareness about breast and cervical cancer in rural parts of West Bengal, India, focusing on underprivileged people. The foundation is committed to educating individuals about how cancer risk can be minimized through good screening and prevention. They are also dedicated to informing the public that early detection can considerably improve the odds of survival. The foundation aims to become an all-encompassing cancer support organization that focuses on patient care, assistance, awareness, and advocacy, as well as understanding and relating to the far-reaching impact cancer has on an individual's life, assisting the individual in coping with the psychological effects of the disease, and counselling cancer-affected families. The primary purpose is to raise cancer awareness, particularly in underserved places where health education and medical care are scarce. They started with breast and cervical cancers, intending to expand to other malignancies later. Members of the foundation are committed to educating individuals about how cancer risk can be lowered via good screening and prevention. They offer assistance to the patient and their family when cancer strikes. Kalpana and Dipankar think that any cancer patient deserves love, hope, and dignity so that they can combat the disease and keep their quality of life. Mr Samiran Das of the Saktipada Das Memorial Foundation, a cancer awareness organisation, taught 17 volunteers who became members of the KDFCC. These volunteers went door-to-door in the villages, talking to female household members about breast cancer awareness and teaching them how to perform self-breast exams.The peasants were then subjected to a medical examination. KDFCC agreed to host a general medical and cancer screening camp where specialists and villagers might attend due to a lack of access to specialized doctors. Since then, such camps have been held once a month (except during the monsoon season). A medical team from Kolkata's Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute supports the commands held 11 times every year. These camps provide free general medical examinations, free breast cancer and cervical cancer screening tests, and low-cost or free prescription drugs.The KDFCC held a cancer awareness rally in Gobindapur on November 4, 2007. A total of 750 persons of different ages and occupations took part in the event. They marched with huge posters bearing Bengali slogans such as "Fight Cancer." Villagers lined up along the route to observe the walk and ask questions, which the volunteers enthusiastically answered.The Dattas are eager to continue and grow their work as the years' pass.

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