Faiz E Aam Trust

Faiz e Aam trust was established with the goal of assisting the impoverished and poor, regardless of faith or background, by providing a safety net from which they can become self-sufficient. The bank established and runs a rural hospital at Kagzipura, 15 kilometers from Aurangabad. Faiz e Aam trust now entirely runs the hospital in Kagzipura, which has a capacity of thirty beds. X-ray, sonography, and a pathology lab are among its sophisticated amenities. A small fee is charged for the services. The hospital had 16,367 patients in 2009-2010. With 15 linguistic data for educational, medical, and rehabilitation activities, the trust has made great success. Scholarships for worthy students are one of the primary areas of attention. The faith has helped a lot of students. As a result, a number of them have turned active supporters of the trust, extending the positive cycle

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