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Dream Foundation Cancer Fund

Mr K M Aarif created the dream foundation cancer fund as a charitable trust in 1986 for the main purpose of cancer care. The foundation has been in operation since 1995, with the chief purpose of empowering people to handle or cope up with the trauma of cancer by offering financial aid for the treatment or medication, counselling for mental well being, recovery support during the treatment. The charity also works very closely with each volunteer and aids the underprivileged by providing awareness about cancer, medication, diagnosis and also assistance. The founder of the cancer fund just isnРҐt just happy with only providing cash assistance but also helping them through the journey by guiding and providing mental and emotional support to the family. This plays a massive part, and also, The fund offers educational assistance and job opportunities to the children.


Provide aid only to patients undergoing treatment at Tata Hospital, Mumbai. The patient's medical condition and financial background are assessed by the doctor and a social worker. On the basis of the assessment, it is decided whether to give the grant.

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