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Central Government Health Scheme
All India

The Central Government Health Scheme has provided extensive medical treatment to Central Government employees and retirees for the last 60 years. CGHS basically covers all the four principles of the Indian democratic setup, namely the legislature, judiciary, executive, and press, in order to meet the healthcare needs of qualified beneficiaries. With the massive number of beneficiaries and the generous open-ended approach to delivering health care, CGHS is the model health care facility provider for Central Government employees and pensioners. CGHS currently covers roughly 38.5 lakh people in 74 cities across India, with plans to explore more locations in the near future to improve service accessibility. CGHS uses the following medical systems to deliver healthcare needs: Allopathic Homoeopathic The Indian medical system Ayurveda Unani Siddha and Siddha Yoga


Treatment for OPD, including medications, Consultation with a specialist in a polyclinic or a government hospital. Indoor treatment and examinations at government and endorsed hospitals and diagnostic institutions In empaneled hospitals and diagnostic institutes, there is a cashless option. Reimbursement of fees for emergency treatment in government/private hospit Reimbursement of expenses paid for the purchase of hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, and other specified items Family Welfare, Maternity, and Child Health Services

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