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Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Trivandrum

Cankids Kidscan is a non-profit organization that works with Cancer Centres to improve treatment and care standards by partnering with them regularly, identifying needs and filling gaps through funding, providing social support staff, expanding capacities and promoting quality care, research, and impact assessment. The organization hopes to make childhood cancer a child health priority in India through stakeholder involvement and advocacy. The national society for paediatric cancer in India is a national non-governmental organization that works throughout the entire spectrum of childhood cancer care in India. They give holistic support to children with cancer and their family through their hallmark programme YANA, Р¤you are not alone from the moment of diagnosis, through diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare. Through financial support, providing social support workers, expanding capacities, and pushing quality care, research, and impact evaluation, kids, promotes more outstanding standards of treatment and care by collaborating with medical clinics, identifying needs, and addressing gaps on an ongoing basis.


Eligibility: The foundation provides financial support cancer-affected children up to the age of 21. They operate in 23 cities and have social support teams in 122 hospitals

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