Cancer Patients Concession for Travel by Air India

Cancer Patients Concession for Travel by Air India The Indian government assist the cancer patients by granting them travel concessions for treatment through its airline, Air India. Travel within India as well as between India and Nepal is authorized. The tickets must be purchased 7 days in advance to travel and are valid for one year from the date of purchase. About 50% of the expected rate is offered to a select booking in an economic system cabin for air transportation between the residence and the medical health Centre.


Remarks:Travel permitted within India as well as on India - Nepal sectors. Ticket validity: 1 year from date of purchase Ticket to be purchased 7 days before departure Amount: 50% of basic fare of select booking class in Economy cabin for Air travel between place of residence and the place of treatment where the cancer hospital/ Cancer Institute is located Eligibility: Only for those persons who are Resident of India and Suffering from cancer and Are travelling for the purpose of medical check-up/treatment

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