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Cancer Cure Fund Of Indian Cancer Society (ics)
All India

Cancer Cure Fund Of Indian Cancer Society (ICS) - The Indian Cancer Society came into existence in the year 1951. It's India's first voluntary, non-profit, national organization dedicated to cancer awareness, observation, cure, and surviving. The Indian Cancer Society has a tremendous job in the fight against cancer in India. For thousands of deprived cancer patients, it has been and continues to be a silver lining in life. More than half of the patients in this country suffering / diagnosed from cancer arenРҐt able to meet daily needs. In such circumstances, treatment is beyond their financial needs. For its numerous efforts involving financially supporting the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients, as well as increasing cancer awareness and early diagnosis, society is completely reliant on public support. The Indian Cancer Society's activities include raising awareness of cancer, its risk factors, and prevention measures across the country, as well as encouraging frequent check-ups, treatment options, and survivorship. Providing early cancer detection through cancer detection Centres and mobile cancer detection camps across India, with a focus on the poor. Providing financial support for the treatment of cancer patients in India who are underprivileged. Providing lodging, rehabilitation, and survivor support groups to poor cancer patients during and after treatment. ICS is the sole NGO that runs a cancer registry, and it collects and collates data through a population-based cancer registry for Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and Aurangabad, as well as giving analytic and predicted projections on cancer incidence. To raise awareness that cancer is preventable and treatable in order to aid early detection of cancer. To provide emotional and medical support to cancer patients Establishing and encouraging cancer survivorship programmes. Reintegrating cancer survivors back into society. Facilitating cancer advocacy and research


The amount of the approval ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakhs. Eligibility: A family's annual income should not exceed Rs 4 lakh. Only an ICS-accredited hospital should treat the patient. Patients should be classified as general patients. Adult patients are expected to have a 50% chance of survival, whereas pediatric patients are expected to have a 70% chance. Only Indian citizens are eligible. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, supportive care, prosthetic growth hormone, and nutrition are all covered treatments.

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