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Cancer Charity Trust (cct)
All India

Cancer Charity Trust (CCT)- The Cancer Charity Trust was established in 2013 as a non-profit organization. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The organization's main aim is to financially assist patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and are unable to support themselves during their medication financially. The organization plans to accomplish this by utilizing the funds raised to assist patients with therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and supportive care. The Cancer charity trust at present exclusively serves patients from Tata Memorial Hospital's general category. REEVIVE - Cancer Charity Trust REEVIVE is a campaign for deserving Cancer warriors to narrate their story, spirit and determination. All patients/warriors on the website have to be referred to their trust by Tata Memorial Hospital, the country's chief and reputed cancer institute. Every patient's story is displayed as a campaign, since cancer treatment is a time-bound and resource-intensive treatment, each campaign clearly mentions the requisite fund and the time period. People who would like to donate can choose to give on a one-time basis, make a "Pledge" of 1000/- a day, or can also socially adopt any patient and give them a shoutout.

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