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Btsg Awareness Foundation

To bring the brain tumor community together and to inspire those who are dealing with a brain tumor, the foundation's goal is to provide guidance and counselling, caregiver financial support, and to assist those who provide unpaid or arranged for due assistance to a relative or friend who is ill or disabled. Physical, emotional, spiritual, and logistical assistance are all possibilities. To determine the efficacy of multidisciplinary rehabilitation in people who have had a primary brain tumor and, in particular, the types of therapies that are effective (settings, intensity). Clinical psychologists and psychiatric social workers will provide these services. Meetings will be scheduled to discuss various topics. It would serve as a meeting place for patients and caregivers. To voice and address their concerns and problems, as well as to seek out answers and alternatives. To conduct various courses/training programmes, medical research in medical treatment therapies in order to provide better medical relief, and to provide research facilities for conducting research in all systems and disciplines of the medical and surgical impacted community. Entering into collaborations, agreements, joint ventures, or other arrangements with any company, association, firm, or concern for the purpose of providing vocational training to those affected or their siblings/children in order to reintegrate them into society, logistics support during medical treatment and recovery, and establishing, operating, and maintaining a business that is consistent with the company's objectives. They also provide the following services for patients with brain tumors and their caregivers: guiding patients to appropriate neurosurgical facilities for treatment.


Eligibility : They help people who have been diagnosed with brain cancer.

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