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Breast Cancer Patients Benefit Fund' Of Breast Cancer Patients Benefit Foundation
All India

A cancer organization with a broad collection of people, including well-known healthcare experts, financial experts, entrepreneurs, courageous survivors, and community philanthropists. People are reached through events like "information at your door," awareness camps, public lectures, seminars, corporate health checks, and other similar activities. Arranging financial resources to people who cannot afford medication, raising awareness of the disease among those unaware of it, and training and motivating caretakers. To cover the high costs of cancer medication for poor and needy patients and raise funds. To help in the early detection of cancer and raise funds for the same. To build cancer detection Centres, hospitals, nuclear science and pathology labs, and radiation/chemotherapy Centres in rural and urban areas and raise the necessary funds. To persuade pharmaceutical corporations to supply cancer treatment drugs at a reduced cost or accessible to poor and needy patients. To raise funds for at least four fully-equipped mobile hospitals/screening vans for India's northern, southern, western, and eastern regions, which will help us continue our 25-year mission of conducting free cancer scaling camps in the most remote areas of India and South Asia. To increase public-private collaboration to reach the poorest cancer patients across India and provide financial support.

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