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Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana

The Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana is a non-profit organization and the beneficiaries of the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana/ Odisha Healthcare Scheme are people from Odisha, particularly the impoverished. The scheme's main features are as follows: The treatment of patients who are treated at public healthcare Centres will be paid for by the state government. The state government of Odisha has chosen to give health insurance to its inhabitants in order to ensure that everyone in the state has access to appropriate health care facilities and treatments. The state government will provide up to 5 lakhs to each household living in Odisha. Aside from that, ladies will be eligible for medical coverage of ten lakhs under this scheme. Eligible patients will be able to receive financial aid for cancer treatment under this programme. Patients will also be able to receive treatment for their hearts and kidneys. Some advanced procedures are only available at the most prestigious medical Centres. The state administration has decided to enlist reputable hospitals both within and outside of Odisha to ensure that all patients receive appropriate treatment. As a result, candidates will be able to receive medical treatment at hospitals like CMC Vellore, Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, and Narayana Hrudalaya in other states. The chief minister claimed that legal citizens of Odisha living outside the state would be able to benefit from this medical scheme. Despite the fact that the Aadhar card is a required id document, the Odisha government has stated that persons who apply for this project will be eligible for benefits even if they do not have an Aadhar card. However, they must obtain their Aadhar cards before the project's one-year deadline. Otherwise, they will no longer be eligible for the benefits. Biju Swasthya Kalyan yojana smart health card The state health department would provide health smart cards to qualified candidates under this scheme. These cards were originally used to promote the Biju krushak Kalyan yojana's launch. The state administration has announced that under the Biju swasthya Kalyan Yojana, citizens will also obtain a new health smart card. They only need this card to access cashless medical services. While city dwellers may be familiar with online applications, this is not the case for the majority of rural residents. As a result, the application process for the health welfare system is quite unusual. You can apply through the site or through an offline or manual registration method. Let's take a closer look at the application procedures: Mode of online application: According to the state's finance agency, the budget provided for the scheme will require somewhere between 600 crore and 800 crore for successful execution. This plan would begin with a budget of Rs. 250 crore for the time being.


The beneficiaries have to apply through prescribed OSTF format and the said format is available in the website ( Amount: Earlier, the state authority had announced that the upper limit of available financial assistance, under biju swasthya kalyan yojana will be rs. 1 Lakh only. But the revised guidelines state that eligible applicants will be able to attain as much as rs. 3 Lakhs every year. Eligibility: Free to all population of Odisha irrespective of income status, residence. BKKY Card holder families, BPL & AAY Card holders families & families with income lower than Rs.50,000 in rural and Rs.60,000 in Urban area (Income Certificate). BKKY Stream-I&II/ BPL/ AAY cards or Income certificate less than Rs.50,000 in rural and Rs.60,000 in Urban area. All health services are free of cost including free drugs, free diagnostics, free cancer chemotherapy, free OT, free ICU, free IPD admissions etc. Annual Cashless Health Coverage of Rs.5 Lakh per family and Rs.10 Lakh for Women members of the family.

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