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Aster Sick Kids Foundation (ask Foundation)
Kochi, Bangalore

Aster sick kids foundation (ask foundation), a philanthropic unit of Aster DM foundation in Kochi, India, aims to give world-class health and medical care to every child, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances. They cover the costs of life-saving treatments for underprivileged children under the age of 18. The Ask Foundation aims to close this gap by providing the greatest medical care to all people, regardless of their financial circumstances. The foundation's major goal is to provide and promote non-profit healthcare and medical aid services to the community's poorest members. With this in mind, the trust has been assisting impoverished sick people by covering their medical costs through free or subsidized treatment at Aster's network of hospitals and other hospitals. They also operate a special care Centre for children who require particular treatment, known as the Aster Sick Kids Foundation (ask). The foundation funds projects that benefit underserved and marginalized people, as well as programmes that promote social justice, women's and youth empowerment, human health awareness, and environmental protection.


Provide aid only for Children, anywhere throughout the country. Family should be below the poverty line.

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