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Dr. Ashwani Garg

Functional Medicine

13 years of experience

Consultation Fees: ₹ 10,000

Hello. I'm a Functional Medicine Doctor with over 13 years of experience, specializing in cancer care. My approach combines the latest in functional medicine with traditional healing practices to address the root causes of illness, focusing on hormonal imbalances, metabolic dysfunctions, autoimmune conditions, and supporting those undergoing cancer treatment. With a deep understanding that true healing involves more than just treating symptoms, I've dedicated my career to helping patients achieve optimal health through personalized healing plans. These plans are personalized to each individual's unique health needs, incorporating detoxification, gut health restoration, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle modifications to support the body's natural healing processes.

Here's what to expect after enrolling in my program: You'll fill out a health history form, undergo recommended tests to identify your body's specific needs, receive a customized health plan, and have a detailed consultation with me to discuss your plan and next steps. Together, we'll work towards not just managing symptoms but achieving a state of wellness that supports your overall quality of life during and after cancer treatment.
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I offer consultation for
Weight loss Cachexia Weight Gain Weakness Appetite Loss Nausea Vomiting Mouth Sores Malnutrition Low Immunity Digestive Issues Swallowing Difficulties Anemia Gut Health Diabetes Dehydration Ascites
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• 13 years of experience
• Certification in Functional Medicine from Functional Medicine University
• Medical Council of India
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