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Dimple Parmar

Cancer Coach

8 years of experience

Consultation Fees: ₹ 29,999

Hello. I am Dimple Parmar, the heart behind and Love Heals Cancer. After the profound journey of caring for my husband through his cancer battle, my life took a new direction towards helping others facing this challenging path. My approach combines integrative oncology with a deep commitment to holistic well-being, offering personalized guidance to enhance your journey through cancer treatment and beyond. With my expertise in integrative oncology, I'll guide you through every step of your cancer journey. I believe in the power of combining traditional and holistic treatments to enhance healing and well-being. I'll personally connect you with the best experts in onco-nutrition, Ayurveda, medical cannabis, emotional wellness, and yoga, ensuring you receive care that's tailored to your unique needs.

Together, we'll explore all avenues of treatment and support, from cutting-edge medical interventions to evidence-based holistic practices. My goal is to empower you, provide you with the tools and resources you need, and support you in making informed decisions about your care. Let's navigate this journey together, with hope, courage, and the support of a compassionate, knowledgeable team by your side.
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I offer consultation for
Treatment Navigation Decision-Making Support Recovery Planning Wellness Education Survivorship Support Personalized Support Stress Management
About Me
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• MBA (IIM Calcutta), NIT Jaipur (B. Tech)
• Integrative Oncology, Arizona State University
• Mind Body Medicine Training
• John Hopkins Program on Epidemiology in Public Health Practice
• ""Top 101 Most Fabulous Healthcare Leaders"" by World Health & Wellness Congress
• ""Top 100 Healthcare Leaders"" by IFAH International Forum for Advancement in Healthcare
• “Promising Social Leader” by Grant Thornton Awards, SABERA - The Social and Business Enterprise Responsible Awards 2019
• Citi Women Leadership Award
• TEDx Speaker: AIIMS, Level Unlocked, Mind and Matter, Winds of Change
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