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What are the symptoms and signs of skin cancer?

What are the symptoms and signs of skin cancer?

Skin cancer primarily occurs on the sun-exposed parts of the skin, like- scalp, face, lips, ear, neck, chest, arms, hands, and in women, it can also develop on the legs. However, it can also occur in areas that are rarely exposed to sunlight. For example- palms, beneath the fingernails and toenails, and genital areas.Skin Canceraffects all skin tones. Changes in the skin are a warning sign for differentSkin Cancertypes. Being alert for the changes in your normal skin may help you to get an earlier diagnosis. SomeSkin Cancersymptoms are:

  • Skin lesions new mole, unusual growth, scaly patch, bump, sore, or dark spots which don't scrape off or go away.
  • Asymmetry The two halves of the lesions are not identical.
  • Border The lesions have ragged and uneven borders.
  • Color These spots on the skin have an unusual color like white, red, pink, black, or blue.
  • Diameter The diameter of the spot is big. The spot is larger than one-quarter inch.

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