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Vikas (Brain Cancer): How I Became The Village Hero!

Vikas (Brain Cancer): How I Became The Village Hero!

Life in Shambles:

My life was utterly overturned in 2016 when I was diagnosed with aBrain Tumor. I had suffered fits and attacks twice before I consulted a doctor. My uncle's son is a doctor who helped me proceed with the diagnosis and treatment. Though difficult, I stood my ground and fought with courage. The entire procedure was based in Jaipur and Gurgaon, where I walked toward a steady recovery.

Discussing the treatment, I underwent surgery and a month ofRadiation therapy.Brain Canceris often difficult to treat because the brain is a very delicate organ. Even the slightest mistake in operation can lead to permanent, irreversible damages. But I was blessed to have supportive experts and doctors who knew what they were doing. The positive environment around me played a critical role in my recovery.

Gem of a Father:

My father is a farmer, while my mother is a housewife. I am the eldest child in my family, followed by a younger sister and brother. Since I was the eldest, I could not get weak before anyone. However, my most significant support system was my father. Such treatments often take a toll on an individual's bank balance. We are a middle-class family, so it becomes evident that the financial aspect was always on my mind. But my father arranged the funds for my treatment and never let me feel anything was amiss.

I was engaged to my lady love when I was diagnosed with brain cancer. However, the lack of awareness regarding the illness led to a breakup. I was heartbroken at that time and felt that I was being mistreated. Since I belong to a less privileged class of society, most onlookers thought I would go crazy after a point. But this is precisely the misconception that I wish to challenge. Today, I have recovered and have a government job at the railways. My hard work and dedication have helped me reach wherever I am.

Lifestyle Changes:

A lifestyle change that I incorporated into my daily routine wasYoga. I realized it could be healing for the body and soothing for the mind. Thus,Yogahas now become an inevitable part of my schedule. The best part aboutYogais that it has no side effects. It is an entirely natural process where you connect with your senses more. It is the main reason why I would recommend it to everyone. It helps you fight several health problems and energizes you for the day.

Family members and caregivers must focus on creating a positive environment because they are the pillars of survival. It is their love and support that keeps the patient motivated to live. I am actively associated with the village Panchayat in spreading awareness aboutBrain Cancerand tumours. My people need me, and I feel one with them to help them understand our twisted lives better.

Parting Words:

My message to all cancer fighters is that they must remain strong and hopeful. In my case, it was a sudden turn of events that no one had expected. Similarly, no one anticipates such an illness in their body. But there is tiny that one can do. Though there are several preventive measures, there is no guarantee that you can avoid it altogether. On a personal level, I have never been someone who is drawn towardsTobaccoor drinking. It was a life-changing experience to undergo this treatment and emerge victoriously.

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