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Vihaan Choudhary (Non Hodgkin Lymphoma)

Vihaan Choudhary (Non Hodgkin Lymphoma)

The Symptoms and Diagnosis of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma

Prior to getting diagnosed, I started developing some pain towards the spine and lower back area. Initially, I thought this pain might be because of my heavy routine, exercise and hectic schedule as I was preparing for a shoot and had to lose a certain amount of weight in a stipulated period of time. The pain kept on increasing and the right side of my stomach area felt to be getting harder, whereas my left side of my stomach was normal. So, I consulted this with a doctor and went through Sonography and CT scan in which it was found that there was a huge mass across the kidney, which was causing the pain. Doctors, initially, weren't sure of the problem and because it could be malignant or non malignant, they couldn't comment on whether it was cancer or not. So, I went through a Biopsy in which it was found out to be the second stage of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer.

Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment & Relapse from Side Effects 

I went through six cycles of chemotherapy. During the first Chemo, I was in the hospital for nine days and lost almost 10 kg.

After the first and second chemo, I lost all my hair and I had a very big perspective change in life.

After 4 chemos, the tumour had almost been gone. After going through all the treatment, when I went for a final scan report in 2017,  there was a relapse that made me quite devastated. So, the doctor told me that now I'd have to go through an intense level of Chemo and Transil transplant and I'd have to be admitted to  hospital for 57 days where I will be kept in isolation. My immunity will go down to zero and I will face severe side effects.

I was very upset during that time. I went to a couple of doctors and finally met a doctor who said that there is a 5% chance that the tumor will not grow, 30% chance that the tumour will stay where it was, and 65% chance it will expand.

I then started with alternative holistic healing treatments. I started following a nutrition diet plan, homoeopathy and herbal treatment. After one and a half months, I repeated the PET scan in which the results showed that I have recovered.

Encounter with Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia 

In June 2018, I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia(CML). This developed because of chemotherapy side effects, PET scans and injection of radioactive materials in my body. But, fortunately, CML is absolutely curable. I just have to take medicine every day. Currently I'm still having CML, but it has come to a very minimal level.

There are side effects like feeling drowsy, skin pigmentation, and inconsistent sugar levels which I need to manage.

Changes In Lifestyle, Post-Cancer

I am maintaining a healthy environment now. I stopped worrying and stressing too much in my life. I am replacing every stress in my life with gratitude and focus on a healthy and nutritional diet. The most important thing is that I've changed my mindset.

After I recovered, I decided to consciously stop putting any chemicals in my hair because there are some kinds of chemical components in it, which can cause Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.

I got a lot of work, started meeting people. I did many articles, a couple of movies, and a couple of web series. So, in 2018 I made a comeback again, after a gap of one and a half year and the amount of work I've done is more than what I did since I started acting in 2003 to 2016.

Lesson/Message for other Patients

Fear is the biggest culprit and enemy in all the diseases. By removing fear, you can think rationally,  and wisely. You can think in the right direction and perform in the right way. I think fear kills us and aggravates our problems to a huge amount.

Moreover, a healthy eating lifestyle, like a plant based whole food diet, seeds and raw food is really important because it creates a balance in your system and gives your body energy to beat those cancer cells or any other infection you have.  It also improves your immune system.

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