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Vanishree Acharya (Brain Tumor Survivor)

Vanishree Acharya (Brain Tumor Survivor)

How it started- 

In September 2017, I was diagnosed with leukemia (Brain tumor). I started forgetting things. I didn't realize it much, but my husband did. He asked me to consult a doctor. The doctor did my MRI, and the reports showed that I have something profound in my brain. He said it was most likely to be a tumor. We then went to the nearest doctor, but he didn't conduct a biopsy. He said that I had hardly a week left .


 Dr. Swaroop Gopal suggested getting the biopsy done. My husband made an immediate decision to go ahead with the doctor's judgment. 

My Biopsy was done, and they gave me steroids. After steroids, my chemotherapy started. I was given six chemotherapy cycles in 21 days. 

Family reaction 

When they first found out, my husband was worried. My eldest son is a doctor. When he learned about this, he stayed with me. After every chemo, I had to take an injection for three days. He used to give me injections. He took care of me. All my family members took care of me because I was not able to do anything. That was the time I realized what a wonderful family I have.

Side effects

The only side effect I had of chemotherapy was lack of sleep. In the beginning, I still used to sleep for 1-2 hours, but during the second month of chemotherapy, I could not get any sleep.

I am a professional sound ball healer. My teacher, guruma, used to give me sessions of remote healing, which might have resulted in fewer side effects. 


A CT scan was done, and there were no signs of a tumor in my brain. They put me under revision. After 25th December, I started taking Ayurveda medicine for ten months. 

I was given medicines to avoid the post-chemo symptoms. I was under revision for three years. 

I did know that I had cancer, but I never wanted to feel that I had Cancer. I never let it affect me emotionally. I kept myself busy and happy. 

Moment to cherish- 

I don't remember a lot, but there were times when I was with my sister-in-law, and we used to talk about many things. She was always with me. She used to visit the hospital with me. My husband was worried throughout. I wasn't sharing much with him as I didn't want to make him upset.

Lifestyle changes- 

I left eggs, green chili, and cabbage. One thing I learned from cancer is that we should live in the moment because you never know what happens next. 

I also started eating less. My right two fingers also stopped working well due to cancer.


Stay positive throughout the journey. I know It's hard to stay positive but try to stay positive. If you can't, be with someone who can motivate you. 

Live every day. Whatever is destined to happen will happen but live every day the way you love. Live the present. Live the moment you have. 

Even if you have people or don't have people with you, Make sure you have the willpower to get through this. You have to tell yourself that you will get through this.

Never lose hope. Keep hope as long as the breath lasts. 


I am grateful for my family and the love I have. I am also thankful for the positive attitude I had throughout the journey.


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