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Vandana Desai (Stomach Cancer): I Was Well-Prepared To Fight It

Vandana Desai (Stomach Cancer): I Was Well-Prepared To Fight It


In 2017, I was admitted to the ICU after vomiting blood. A series of tests revealed that I was suffering from a dreaded disease. I was diagnosed with Stage III Stomach Cancer

Treatment Protocol:

Surgery was planned, and I lost my gastric valve, one-third of my esophagus, and two-thirds of my stomach. The surgery was followed by radiation and chemotherapy cycles. I underwent five cycles of Chemotherapy but stood strong. To keep myself away from negative thoughts, I focused on completing my son's journals. This gave me comfort and helped me pass the time while he was preparing for his HSC exams.


I suffered from mood swings, appetite loss, and weight loss as side effects of the treatments. I experienced a relapse in 2019. This time I was prepared. I did not break down and kept my calm, treating the relapse as any other regular disease and simply wanting it out of my body. I started my treatment again, which consisted of eight cycles of radiation and chemotherapy. By this time, I was a certified yoga teacher and continued teaching yoga and meditation during my treatment.

Family Support:

As a tribute to my fight against cancer, my son secured admission to one of the best medical colleges in Mumbai. With the help of my family, friends, and medical team, I completed my treatment. I conquered this battle, thanks to each one of the wonderful members of my medical care team.

My husband stood by me like a rock. I know, as a caregiver, he was frightened too. But he was always by my side, holding my hands. Our relationship strengthened after I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Even my children encouraged me immensely. They never made me feel like I was a patient with a dreaded disease. Everything at home went as usual, all of which played a great role in my healing and overall recovery.

Alternate Methods:

After two months of treatment, when I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time, I joined a Yoga class. Gradually, I decided to become a Yoga Trainer myself. In 2019, I became a certified Yoga teacher. It undoubtedly helped me recover from the side effects. I even started a YouTube channel to teach yoga, in easy to understand steps.


I feel that cancer opened my eyes and that it happened for good. I lead a completely normal life and my food habits are simple.

Parting Message:

Allopathy can cure only the physical part of cancer. But, cancer manifests into a mental issue as well. It is imperative to keep our mind calm and happy. Death is the ultimate reality. Life is full of miracles, lots of opportunities, and various possibilities.

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