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Twissha Roy (Cholangiocarcinoma)

Twissha Roy (Cholangiocarcinoma)

Personal Setback

My world had come crumbling down when my husband suffered a massive heart attack in 2015. Within 2 years of that, I got diagnosed with a rare form of cancer- Cholangiocarcinoma.


Back in 2017, when I was working as a software engineer, I had symptoms of jaundice. I fainted, my blood sugar went very high. The Blood Tests showed that there was some abnormality. Therefore, I got an ultrasound done. My family doctor said that it could be unobstructive jaundice. He said there were some issues in the gallbladder, but no stones.

Cholangiocarcinoma- Detection and Treatment:

The PET scan was scary. I was told that there were issues in the liver and that a liver transplant was inevitable. I met Dr Soin from Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon, one of the finest doctors in the country for treatment. On the 18th of August, I underwent a 14-hour Surgery.

Challenges/ Side effects:

When my Cholangiocarcinoma was diagnosed, I was sent for chemo sessions. There, I saw small kids undergoing the same Pain. The entire team of doctors was exceptionally good. One of the counselors taught me how to meditate. My body was deteriorating day by day and came down to 51 kilograms from 60 kilograms in a short period. I started looking weaker and weaker. I had to travel for two hours to reach Medanta for radiation. I would vomit, get nauseous, and fall weak with each passing day.

Family Support

It was my two and half-year-old son who motivated me through the tough times. I am sure that I couldn't have gotten through alive without him by my side.

Alternate Methods

I joined the 'Brahmakumaris' ministry to gain mental and emotional strength. I got the strength to pull through the tough times through meditation.

Search for Hope

I used to go through a lot of survivor stories online, and that gave me hope. I ordered a lot of books and tried to get rid of the toxicity in my life. I removed all plastic materials from the house and switched to Organic food and a healthy lifestyle.

Unemployment and Recurrence

I was laid off from the office. It was shocking beyond words. The company wasn't performing well either. My health took another blow in the form of an ovarian cyst which had to be removed using laparoscopy.

I started assisting my mother's business by helping her with digital marketing, implementation of ERP, vendor management, and overall management. The cyst re-appeared, and I had to go for an open Surgery this time. But after the surgery, the Liver Cancer relapsed in my stomach. My weight came down to 49 kilos. I was put through 8 to 12 chemo sessions again, and in six months, I finally recovered.

Phase Corona

Today, I have started my own digital marketing business and practice yoga and meditation regularly. I believe in the power of affirmative talking and positive thinking. I try new diets now and then. I have joined the Cancer Survivor India group and several other cancer groups.

Lesson Learnt

I try not to be too attached to people and have started loving myself. I have stopped seeking validation from others and have started living one day at a time. Hell and Heaven are right here. Due to my Cholangiocarcinoma, the bile duct was blocked, and a tumor had developed. I was lucky that the detection was made quickly. A part of the liver, bile duct, gall bladder, and ovary has been removed. Therefore I will always have some digestion issues, but I have accepted to live with it.

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