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Tina Montague (Caregiver to Her Daughter)

Tina Montague (Caregiver to Her Daughter)

Tina Montague became the Founder of Cancer Care Company in 2007. She worked alongside her daughter Stacey, her senior carer. In December 2015, things took a tragic turn when Stacey was diagnosed with terminal melanoma. It was a stark reality to Tina and Stacey, as they were so well trained and informed in terminal illness that they both knew the only outcome.

Symptoms and diagnosis 

Stacey first noticed a lump under her arm but she did not take it seriously. She took some antibiotics but it did not help. Later, She consulted an oncologist who suggested a city scan and biopsy. The reports were devastating. Stacey was diagnosed with terminal melanoma. A stark reality to Stacey as well as me, as we were so well trained and informed in terminal illness we both knew the only outcome.


She was given oral chemo. Her condition was so fragile that the oncologist declined for surgery. We used another alternative medium to strengthen her physical condition. We gave her fresh fruits and vegetables. As her cancer was detected at the terminal stage no medicine worked for her. I supported her at home as long as I could and when the consultant said time was short, I concentrated on ensuring Stacey had the support she needed and fulfilled any dreams she could manage as her condition deteriorated.

Fear of treatment 

Cancer is a dangerous disease and so is the treatment. Chemotherapy, radiation and any other type of cancer treatment are very painful. Everyone reacts differently to the treatment. It is individual choice and stamina. 

Future goals

I want to support others during, throughout and after their own battles and ensure they have the best quality of life, to do the things they want to achieve in a realistic timeline to their treatment and diagnosis. For patients to receive peace. To know that their loved ones are protected and encouraged. To continue the new path their lives take in as healthy a way as is possible without judgement, just support. Everybody copes differently, every journey is individual and it's okay not to be okay.

Message for others

My message to others is Don't panic; follow your oncologist, that is the only option.   DO research on the topic. It can help you a lot in handling the situation. Try natural things. It helps a lot in faster recovery in cancer.

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