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Tejas Shah (Gall Bladder Caregiver)

Tejas Shah (Gall Bladder Caregiver)

Symptoms and diagnosis

Twenty years ago, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It was shocking for us because cancer is said to be caused due to poor lifestyle and the environment. But we are Jains, and my mom was genuinely religious. She hasn't done anything wrong. She had a beautiful soul. She was a vegan and had no junk food or beverages but only a balanced diet. The environment was good. Even her lifestyle was good. But she kept her feelings to herself. She had asthma. She was diagnosed in June. So one and a half years later, she passed away during that period. Initially, she had no symptoms, only stomach bloating. Then, she had jaundice. The doctor had a little doubt about having cancer. They suggested Tata Memorial Hospital. So that if the cancer cells are there if the tumour is activated or mutated in the body, the operation will be smooth there.

The doctors did confirm that it was cancer. So they removed the gallbladder. Initially, for two months, she was taking chemo. Later she also took radiation as we all know that this treatment has many side effects. It will disturb your psychological mind, but as a caregiver, you are devastated knowing that my mother had cancer. And because I was so young, I couldn't accept that. But, I took up the responsibility. My elder sister was there. So I was not freaking out. But as soon as my sister got married and my mum died of cancer overnight, the responsibility came as a caregiver. 

Alternative treatment

Due to a lack of awareness of prevention, as a caregiver, I didn't know how to tackle the situations on the psychological, physical, and emotional levels. At that time, 21 years ago, Google was not that famous. Still, I searched online for everything I could do best for my mom. I came across naturopathy. I took her to the naturopathy clinic. So I took her, and they suggested something, and I did it with her. But again, it had side effects too. 

So at that time, we did everything, whatever we could do. But my mom didn't survive. So precisely, after one and a half months, she passed away. She took her last breath. After that, we were utterly broken from the inside. So if people say it's hereditary, my mom was a fighter. Despite the many problems in her life, she fought for herself. In the end, she gave a lot of insights. Like, as to how to tackle how to deal with people despite having many problems. How to be motivated all the time, and how to encourage others.

Stress management

I could have cancer right now. The cells might have mutated inside me, but only I thank my mental health. It is so balanced that I was able to manage my stress. So after studying Chakra psychology, I know how your organs and thoughts disturb your energy. There are five energies in the body. First of all, five pranas are there in the body. Stress has two sides, one is positive, and one is negative. So when you have negative stress, it will motivate you. And when you're unable to manage this colossal stress, it will make you panic. Now people are more and more diagnosed with cancer. But above that, I'll say the stress comes first. 

Due to the stress, all the diseases are related. So we know that the illness is psychosomatic and 90% of diseases are due to stress. Suppose you see a cockroach a bit far away. But as it comes near, your stress increases. But when it is in your hand, you may scream and get panicked. Instead of panicking, you can do something about it. Like, throw it outside. It is called stress management.

Let me give you another example. So everyone knows that exams are going to come. Until the timetable has not been delivered to the children, they will be relaxed. The second thing. Okay. Now the schedule arrives, which is the second stage. But they know that exams are after one month and they will manage. Don't worry. The third stage is only 15 days left. Now, a slight panic starts. When one day is left, then you'll be completely panicking. If you are procrastinating, you should know how to manage the stress. Find your priorities and maintain balanced mental health. We often ignore mental health because we focus on physical health.

How I got into yoga

When I was young and my mom had cancer, I didn't have this much knowledge which I'm sharing with you now. After that, I have done a lot of studies. I have done yoga therapy, bioenergy therapies and therapeutic Pranayam for diseases like breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other diseases. Then I became a yoga nutritionist. I was a non-believer in yoga. But its complete transformation happens in my life. I just received my certificate onco-yoga therapy. So yoga is basically about physical, mental, spiritual and psychological. Yoga has all these four aspects. So that's why it motivates me a lot to do anything through yoga. 

I use yoga therapy for counselling. So even the metaphysical causations behind having any of the diseases. I read motivational books like Bhagavad Gita. 

Cancer Awareness

I want awareness, prevention, and rehabilitation should be there in India. Once they find that a person has cancer, they should be educated to balance their mental balance. If your mental balance is intact, you can only take care of the cancer survivors. You put a mask on yourself, and then you put a mask on a child. In the same way, I believe that first, you make yourself strong and balanced. Then only you can give excellent care to the person who is suffering. 

I already told you that she gave her strength to me. She told me how to think positively in any situation, any of the worst problems and how to think positively. That is the mantra of life. So she told me to think positively in whatever situation in life. 

Working as a yoga therapist

I'm an onco-yoga therapist. I'm a counsellor, chakra, psychologist, yoga therapist and nutritionist. A yoga therapist knows the anatomy of the body. Yoga therapists know how to handle diseases and customise the plan with the client. Yoga therapies consist of asanas, pranayama, meditations and mudras. Before taking them on yoga, you first counsel them and know what they're emotionally going through.

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