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Sujal (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma): Motivate Yourself And Keep Going

Sujal (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma): Motivate Yourself And Keep Going


I was having Pain in my leg, that much that it was hard for me even to walk properly. So I consulted a doctor who suggested me to have MRI done because also he was confused about why there is so much Pain.

When MRI reports came, it was a tumor in my thigh, which got spread all over my bone.Everyone suggested me to go to Tamil Nadu to have a proper check-up, so I went to Tamil Nadu, where I consulted an orthopedic who prescribed me some tests and even the Biopsy to know the exact problem.

Biopsy reports came after three weeks, and it was confirmed that the tumor is cancerous, and I am suffering from diffuse large B cell Lymphoma a type of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). When I came to know that it's cancer I felt like life ended at that very moment, I was utterly shocked because I was just settling in life and it's only been two years I started my job, and this cancer came, but there was no other option than fighting with it, so I thought to start my treatment.


I was immediately referred to the hematology department, and then the treatment was started for non-hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). I had my first Chemotherapy on 5 August 2019. It was my first chemo, so I didn't have any idea about its side effects, though doctors told me about the side effects, I was not prepared for it. The first few days were okay, but then I started feeling dizzy, and I had sudden changes in my body, sometimes I would feel hot and sometimes cold, I would not feel like eating. When the condition started getting critical, doctors shifted me to ICU, soon I was recovering and was stable, so again, I was moved to the regular ward.

Doctors were asking for 2nd chemo, but I had already spent a lot of money in my first chemo, and for admitting in ICU, so I got the discharge and came back home.

Some of my relatives informed me that the company I am working at could help me financially, so I thought of continuing my treatment and went to Calcutta to have my chemo. Between my treatment, I fall in the washroom, and the left femur got broken, which need to be fixed through an operation.I had my chemo before lockdown and was about to have another, but let's hope Corona overs soon so I can continue with my Chemotherapies.

Parting Message:

I know the journey is painful, and you have to go through so many painful moments, but don't fear anything, just motivate yourself and keep going.

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