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Srimukhi Iyer (Ovarian Cancer): All I Need Is Mother & Belief

Srimukhi Iyer (Ovarian Cancer): All I Need Is Mother & Belief

Jumping Out of My Skin:

I had no health issues when diagnosed with cancer, which is why a sudden thing happened to me. Ever since I was a kid, I used to sleep on my stomach. As far as I remember, the only time I did not sleep on my stomach was during pregnancy. But one evening, I felt remarkably bloated. Initially, I thought it must be general gas and tried to ease it. But when the pain refused to subside, I straightened for sonography.


The doctor doing my sonography identified a black patch behind my ovary and recommended I go to my GP immediately. My GP, who is more like a family member to us, told me to meet a specialist. Within a week of my diagnosis, my operation was done, and I proceeded to the chemotherapy sessions.

For my chemo cycles, I went to the same doctor who had treated my mother when she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2000. Sharing the treatment history with the doctor was reassuring because I knew I was in safe custody and had complete faith in winning the battle against cancer. Trust and belief play a vital role in the entire treatment process.

The City of Dreams:

Though I am originally a South Indian, I moved to Mumbai, the City of Dreams, when I was four months old. My mother has a similar case of cancer, and she is a proud cancer survivor who looked after me when I needed her the most. My mother's diagnosis occurred when she could not urinate, even when she had the urge to. Prolonged discomfort took us to a doctor, and when my mother started bleeding during the checkup, we knew something was amiss. She underwent 9Chemotherapysessions before the doctors declared her cancer-free.

Chemotherapywas more of a preventive measure than a cure in both my mother's and my cases. We were blessed to diagnose cancer at a very early stage. So, we were assured that we did not delay starting the treatment. Early healing is critical because the body is sensitive and everyday matters. This is why we did not waste time in my operation either.

Side Effects:

The most significant side effect that I faced was Depression. I took time to accept myself, what I was going through, and the multiple possibilities. My mother prepared coriander stock soup to ease my constipation, which worked wonders for me. Due to removing my fallopian tubes, I experienced significant muscle cramps during the chemo sessions. I had tonic water every seven or ten days, which immensely helped me. It is common to lose appetite because the body faces so muchStressand loses cell strength. My mother prepared the heartiest meals for me and got me everything I liked. What was diagnosed in July ended in December 2017.

Workplace Issues:

If I have to talk about a challenge I faced in my personal life during my struggle with cancer, it was losing a job. Though it seemed a professional affair, it directly impacted my morale. Though the doctor had waved the green flag and allowed me to continue working, my school's management felt it would be best to keep me away. It was a time when I needed to distract myself from my problems and earn for myself, but I felt helpless in front of their decision.

Today, I work at a better school where my services and I are genuinely valued. The bright side here, I feel, is that I had never taken a holiday from work, so I got that eventually. Here, I would like to mention the names of Poonam Pawar, Usha Ramachandran, Sucheta, Jaina, and Neeraj, who motivated me each day. Poonam, working in Tree House pre-primary school, invited me to be with the kids to help me with myDepression.

As Solid as a Rock:

Your belief is your biggest weapon that can help you to fight against cancer. If you believe in God, he will guide you through a tough time. By now, you must have understood that my mother has been my most significant support throughout this journey. It was a complete roller-coaster ride for her because she had experienced a similar situation and had to relive it.

I am her only child, and it must have been so painful for her to see me suffer, but she did not let that reflect on her face for a moment. She was my most significant support system and stood like a rock I could fall back on. She is the one who has made me what I am today!

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