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Smita Chaudhry (Kidney Cancer): Prioritize Your Health

Smita Chaudhry (Kidney Cancer): Prioritize Your Health


It was in March 2007; he was fine and was just having an eruption on his face, so we considered getting it checked. We did the biopsy, and when reports came out, it was 4th stage Kidney Cancer.


We started his chemotherapy, and he had two surgeries of the kidney within one year.
During his treatment, a new drug came, which was very expensive. The doctors recommended that drug. It was a form of Chemotherapy drug that was given to him by injections. That drug was so powerful, and because he was 68 years old, his body could not resist it. That powerful dose of drug didn't suit him, and his condition started deteriorating continuously.
Soon within one and a half years after his detection, he passed away.

Parting Message:

Doctors tend to use new medicines on patients with advanced cancer. These medicines are powerful and not tested extensively. Sometimes, even the doctors do not fully understand the consequences for the patient. Therefore, if the cancer is advanced, avoid experimenting with conventional treatments, especially for elderly people, because their bodies may not be prepared to handle such aggressive treatments. Instead, consider alternative medicine, as chemotherapy and radiation can significantly diminish the quality of life, greatly reduce immunity, and also lead to Depression.

Do the things that keep you away from medicines. Regular exercise and staying active are important for your health as they help you build a strong immune system. Cut down on foods that contain preservatives because they are harmful to your health. Eat healthy food, ensure proper nutrition, and maintain a balanced diet.

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