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Shrenik Shah (Larynx Cancer): From Disabled To Enabled

Shrenik Shah (Larynx Cancer): From Disabled To Enabled


I never smoked had Tobacco or drank Alcohol. I was leading a healthy life, and it was in 1997 that my voice gradually became a whisper. I was unable to lie on the bed, started losing weight, and had blood in my sputum. So, I went to consult a physician, but he asked me to consult an Oncosurgeon. I went to an Oncosurgeon who did my throat Endoscopy and Biopsy. When the reports came, it was Stage 4A Vocal Cord Cancer.


There was a massive tumor and a hole in my windpipe opening, so the surgeon performed a tracheotomy and then a laryngectomy, which went on for nine long hours. I had 30 rounds of radiation.

And then, in December 1997, I started using an Electrolarynx to communicate, which now became my identity.

Life after Cancer:

Life has completely changed after December 1997, after a virtual handshake with death. I am leading a fully active life as a counselor and a motivational speaker. I am on a mission to motivate cancer patients worldwide, to lead a fearless and quality life after cancer.

I do several video presentations for oncologists, Facebook Live streaming, and speaking engagements at GCRI, India's largest cancer institute, where I also underwent cancer treatment.

I am digitally connected with more than 12K cancer survivors and caregivers. In 2017, I was interviewed by a European MNC and filmed by a cancer support group and news media from England.

I was also given the 'Victor Award' in 2019 by Mrs. Amrita Phadnavis, wife of Ex-CM of Maharashtra.

I was a faculty member for the students of North Carolina University for six weeks.

I have been awarded multiple times for my service to my fellow Laryngectomees in the United States.

I have traveled to 33 countries, 150 + overseas trips. I have been committed to helping heal, protect, and comfort cancer patients and caregivers.

The use of tobacco, smoking, etc. caused cancer to a large extent everywhere, so I started NO Tobacco campaigns in schools, colleges, and factories through talk shows and various social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Through Advocacy, I put on best efforts into Cancer FREE World.

Recently I was invited to give a kickstart presentation for 40 minutes during the IAL2020 virtual conference in the USA and there were 2500 global attendees present.

I have also given live talk shows with slides at various medical colleges in India and world head and neck conferences in the UK.

My biography, SHAHENSHAH, the World's first Laryngectomee (vocal cords removed) published globally as an e-book and paperback.

My upcoming webinar is on 26th July on how to live life to the fullest by making the most of every opportunity you get.

Parting message:

Out with your old bad habits, in with the new.

Quit bad habits like smoking, consumption of tobacco, or alcohol, etc. These can lead to the recurrence of cancer and cause physical, mental, social, and financial stress. So, exercise, eat healthily, and be happy. Be grateful every morning, and do your best to express gratitude for being alive today. Don't lose hope. Let us not forget that there are treatment options. Trust the knowledge and expertise of oncologists and doctors from various fields who can provide the right knowledge, technology, surgery, or medications to help individuals with cancer.

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