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Saroj Chauhan (Colon Cancer)

Saroj Chauhan (Colon Cancer)


I received my cancer diagnosis in 2016 when my son was just one year old. We didn't realize I had Cancer. There was a function going on, and it was my sister's wedding. When my sister's wedding was over, I started having diarrhea. My family thought diarrhea might be due to food poisoning. We visited many hospitals for the treatment of my diarrhea but were still clueless about why it was happening to me.

We did a CT scan and they told us that my stomach was filled with water. I had to be operated on so we shifted to another hospital since it was an emergency. Also, I had a lot of pain and diarrhea with no signs of stopping anytime soon. I was vomiting and didn't have any appetite. There were no good hospitals nearby.

The operation took place in a district hospital nearby. They conducted a Biopsy after the operation and found out that I had Stage 3 colon cancer.

I was so shocked and it was very difficult for us. I was mostly worried for my son since he was only one year old. The surgery happened, but the healing took a lot of time. I started taking Chemotherapy too. My house was far away from the hospital so I had to take a room in the hospital. The hospital was 200 km away from my Himachal house. I left my son with my mother-in-law.

I was already done with 6 cycles of Chemotherapy. Later, I did my scan and found out that the cancer had spread. It was the last stage of Cancer. I had to do chemotherapy again, but my health had worsened, so we changed our hospital. We went to the Chandigarh hospital, and the Doctors told me that I only had one and a half months left to live.

It was a very difficult time for me. My husband was with my baby and I was with my father. I couldn't look into my father's eyes and neither could he. I didn't tell my husband about the news. Also, I started with my Chemotherapy again, and after 6 cycles, I did my scan again. The tumor had shrunk from 10cm to 5 cm. I had become very weak and we had a financial crisis. I did my Chemotherapy at two hospitals and the medicines were very expensive. We had to also rent places to stay.

So, I asked my dad to promise me that he was supposed to tell my family that we had stopped my Chemotherapy because of our financial condition. I somehow convinced my dad to lie to our family for me. I told my husband that I was responding to Chemotherapy, so I had to stop it and take it in the form of tablets. My husband and I didn't know how to read those reports.

I started taking oral chemo although, my doctors told me not to. My doctors were also hopeless, so they suggested that I should spend my last few months with my son. I didn't lose hope and came home and started searching on the internet. I spoke to many people on calls and my friend told me about Chris, who was an American and was suffering from Colon Cancer too. He started using alternative therapies and he is in remission now. I read and attended all 10 modules and felt positive. Also, I started making notes and whatever Chris recommended in the Models, I started following his words.

I did a lot of research and found out regarding Gerson Therapy. I took up a raw diet and started juicing too, daily.

A month and a half passed and nothing happened to me. I did a blood test, and CT scan, and everything was alright. As a result, I continued doing whatever I was doing.

I had a scan again after 2 years and the tumor was only in one area of my body. I had learned that if I didn't show any symptoms, I was in the right direction. The doctors had given me a timeline, but so many months passed by, and nothing had happened to me.

We were very happy and the reports were normal. So, I stopped taking the oral chemodrugs and continued with the alternative therapy. After a year, I did my cancer scan again and everything was clear. I have been in remission for the past 2 years.

I had to take a huge risk when I decided to stop my chemo and start with my alternative therapy. My friends helped me a lot, and I thought to myself, that if Chris can be cured, I can too. My family was very positive throughout the journey. I was 31 when I was diagnosed with cancer.

I do give counseling to other cancer patients.

Symptoms/Changes of Colon Cancer:

I was having blood in my stools, so I thought it would be piles. I used to have constipation. However, I never thought that would lead to this.

You should go to a good hospital and get yourself checked up as early as possible.


Cancer cannot be self-assessed. You have to take a blood test, biopsy, or scan to diagnose.

 Lifestyles changes:

I have learned a lot of things from the disease. For example, I don't eat a lot of food from outside now. I mostly eat fruits and vegetables. I have my garden now. When I used to work, I didn't have a lot of time, so I used to eat bread or cook Maggi.

I am very health conscious after my diagnosis. I only consume organic vegetables and fruits from my garden. My family has become health-conscious too. Even they don't eat food outside.

Before, I used to take a shower, cook, and leave for work. Now, I wake up early in the morning and meditate. I also do the asanas and Pranayama for an hour or so. I feel very relaxed. My son gave me the desire and courage to live. I used to always wonder who would look after my son, who would drop him at School, who would make him study, and who would cook for him after I passed away. Now, I try to live in the present moment and spend as much time as possible with my baby and family.

I am very lucky to have my husband, son, and family. If they are happy, I am happy too.  

Caregiver thoughts:  

My family was in shock with my cancer diagnosis. My husband and my in-laws supported me and took care of me. My husband kept on saying that I am his pillar of strength and I kept on telling him that he is my pillar of strength.

 My Proud Moment:  

My proud moment was that when I left my chemotherapy, I lied to my Husband. When I lied, it was a good step. It was for our good. I told him the truth when the CT scan was all clear. My husband was in shock after this news.

 My Turning Point:  

I used to enjoy life. When I stopped my Chemotherapy and started following a healthy diet, my life changed a lot. I stopped spending time with negative people. I started surrounding myself with positivity and positive people. Time has taught me a lot of things.

My husband did not leave me alone and we try to spend as much time as we can together. I wanted to make him and my family happy. 

 My Last Wish:  

I want to see my 6-year-old son growing up and becoming successful. I want to see him get his first job. This is my last wish.  

 Life Lesson: 

To all cancer patients stay positive and happy. Focus on your diet, meditate, and do your pranayama. Everyone can be cured of cancer. Cancer is not like a heart attack or an accident, which happens at that time and you are dead. There is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel, always.

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