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Samuel Gunnell (Multiple Myeloma Survivor)

Samuel Gunnell (Multiple Myeloma Survivor)

A little about me

My life changed radically because of the experience that I've had, I was a fun-loving person otherwise. I am so excited and enthusiastic to get back and tell everyone that if I could turn my life around from a near-death situation, everyone else can do that too. I want to share with them that they can also breathe and enjoy and do whatever they want from their life. Cancer does not necessarily mean the end of everything. 

How I got diagnosed

I couldn't eat anything; whatever I ate was rejected by my body. I had no sleep at all. I felt like my body just ran down and I felt really tired. All of this made me go and find out the reason because it was unusual for a young man of age 28.

I was diagnosed with multiple lymphoma and myeloma cancer at the same time. Lymphoma was at an early stage but the doctors couldn't diagnose the stage of myeloma at that time. I was living with my sister at that time. All of a sudden I started losing weight and it came down to 41kgs. My height was 1.8 m and this weight was proportionate to an 11-year-old child. 

I thought I was going to die. And, that's when my sister took me to the hospital. Doctors took 3 months to find that my white blood cells were dying. They had good and bad news for me. The good news was they finally diagnosed my problem and the bad news was they had no solution for it. I was satisfied thinking at least we could work on it as we knew what it was.


Chemo Chemo Chemo and then of course the two bone marrow transplants. So, I had extensive chemotherapy but I didn't have any radiology. I felt that was a good thing but the chemo treatment was really extensive to the point where the hair loss was a problem to me. I have never had a problem with healers in fact because of cancer I cut my hair short all the time. If I smelled bleach, I would get nauseous. I had Chemo for 3 years.

I did not have the energy or time to research an alternative therapy. Now I know that Homoeopathy or some natural herbs help you heal faster, but at that time I did not know. I put all my trust in doctors.

Support System

My support system was my willpower. Human beings don't need to be motivated; they have that system installed within. Whenever I felt gloomy, I would just go into a quiet room. My hair fell out; I had scars on my face because of Chemo, but I recovered naturally from all that once the treatment was over.

My wife's company helped me stay calm during my treatment and recovery. Being with my daughter, and staying connected with the Universe, really really helped me. I was attached to God, Church and I had a strong faith that God was there.

My Lessons

I was very money-oriented before. When I was going to the hospital, the first thought I had was, as if God was telling me, You can't buy yourself with money. So, stop worshipping money. Also, I learnt that the doctors and nurses were putting so much effort into the treatment for all of us. I learnt to respect them, they were the true heroes for me. 

I didn't work for 3 years. While staying at home I realised that we don't live life to work. There are so many small things we should value, we should enjoy. 

What should people expect in this cancer-type

We all know the answer is that it is going to be conclusive. Relax, it is going to be okay. Too much research on what is going to happen may distress you. So, have faith in the doctors. They have studied for years to know what would be the best treatment for you. Listen to what they say. Dont panic. Find what else you can do with the treatment like supplement therapies to assist the treatment.

When I was in the hospital during my journey, I found who I was. I felt I could inspire people, and give hope to ones who have lost everything in life. That's why I am a life coach today. What makes me happy is that I am helping people in their lives.

I am grateful for the doctors and nurses. I am grateful for being able to communicate with others. I am grateful for the food and the capacity to eat as there was a time I couldn't eat; I was on a drip all the time. I had an appetite but couldn't swallow anything. I am grateful for any ability I have.

A Parting Message!

The day I got out of the hospital, I was so excited to see the world and meet the people in the world. I went for checkups for some time as suggested by my doctors. I don't think or feel any fear of recurrence of cancer.

If you've got some kind of education and if you've learned something about your body, you would then have an opportunity to say, listen, let me go check it for myself. Then you can find things in an early enough stage to remedy it. It's easier said than done for someone who has got zero education. Otherwise, the fear crawls in; education makes us strong and confident.

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