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Ravindra Kumar Singhania (Volunteer): One Should Never Question Nature

Ravindra Kumar Singhania (Volunteer): One Should Never Question Nature


I am 71-year-old. I had liver problems as a child. I also had some problems with my lungs as I was a chain smoker. Early in 2013-2014, my health started deteriorating. Initially, I was doing Ayurveda treatment. In 2015, I had a hernia. I had one surgery then. In 2016, there was a series of surgery. In total 3 surgeries took place. One was a hernia, the second was prostrate and the third one was the removal of the gall bladder.   

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During the gall bladder surgery, there was an accident in my stomach, which affected my whole body. Everything started going worse. My lungs were only functioning 12%. The doctors told me I will not be able to live this way. I moved from Kolkata to Ranchi to stay with my uncle. The doctors in Kolkata suggested a lung transplant. I met a doctor in Ranchi who gave me one medicine which gave some improvement. I was still on oxygen cylinder 24/7. I started reading about cannabis and CBD treatment for lungs functions. Then a friend of mine in America told me his company manufactures cannabis oil that could help me. But the problem was how to transport the medicine to India. 

Somebody I met on a vacation was there in America. He offered help. All my relatives over there denied any help. The cannabis oil arrived on 10th October 2018. I took the first dose. In the next 3 days, I could see the magic happening. I stopped needing an oxygen cylinder 24/7. By the sixth day, I could walk more than 10 steps at a time. In 3 months my whole body system changed. My lungs capacity increased to 37.5% from just 12%. This was below the doctors theory. They were shocked to see me without an oxygen cylinder. They said I was looking well. I took the reports and asked them to explain. They explained the reports to me. The reports were unbelievable to the doctors when they saw such drastic changes.

After that lungs capacity increased, the doctors refused to talk to me. From then onwards I started doing experiments on my body. I tried different things. Every day my body felt changes both mentally and physically. During the entire process, I learned that there is a herb that works exactly like our nervous system. That herb is also medically approved as it is created from cells in the human body. I found a very good manufacturer for that in Jabalpur who had the license too. He was selling the right medicine at a low cost. 


One cancer patient came asking me about this treatment. He had several questions. One of them was if medical cannabis could give him an addiction? I answered his query by asking him if he takes a BP tablet or not. He said he has been consuming BP tablets for the last 25 years. To his reply, I said so wouldnt that be an addiction?

He gave me the reason that the doctors have prescribed these tablets. I asked him has he ever tried to get rid of it by doing exercises, jogging, running, or improving his lifestyle. He denied. 


Every single body reacts differently to cannabis oil. It is flexible. You start with 1 gram of oil under your tongue no matter the size or condition of the patient. slowly increase the quantity.

Dehydration is the only side effect.  Some people get fuzzy thinking they got high. But this is not true. You cant get high. In my case, I thought if I had 1 or 2 tablespoons of those with cows ghee or coconut oil, I will stay hydrated and I did.  It also causes dehydration in the intestine and the stool becomes hard to pass. If you consume coconut oil or cow ghee you will be fine. It is no magic; these are just basic household things. 

I run a family called Navjeevan Ka Amrit. Slowly our family started growing and people started sharing their experiences or journey. People came to us asking if there is any guarantee for this to work. I don't give ant guarantee. The one guarantee I can give all is that it won't damage the patient as the other allopathic treatments. CBD or cannabis is not going to kill people halfway just like chemo or radiation does.


I met this gentleman, he was referred by my friend. He wanted to find out where Cannabis was available in India. So my friend guided him to me. He joined our group and had various questions. One of them was why am I doing this?  I replied I wanted to see people happy. I wanted to share this miracle to help people. I am not helping anyone I am just guiding them.

I took him as a case and in 5 months, this angry young man turned into a very polite person. He became kind and changed completely. This treatment doesnt only change your body but also changes your mind. He also decided to help people in the village by talking to them. The same happened to me. 

Until and unless youve gone through the process you won't understand the pain that one suffers. These people are full of anxiety, pain, and worry in their system. Just talking to them in a friendly manner can help a lot.


Humans should never question nature. Its us who are destroying nature and playing with it. 

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