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Ravindra Chandrashekara (Brain Cancer Caregiver) You Have to Maintain Your Inner Peace

Ravindra Chandrashekara (Brain Cancer Caregiver) You Have to Maintain Your Inner Peace

My wifes Brain Cancer Journey:

This was in September, 2005 and my Wife had gone for Aerobics class. She came back a little early and she was tired. She started getting hallucinations. These were very minor symptoms. I had my workshop in Bangalore. I had gotten at least 10 calls from my wife and my in-laws. During my lunch time, my wife asked me to come home. She was feeling indigestion. We consulted a nearby doctor, and he gave her paracetamol. A couple of days later, she started saying the same thing. 

I felt this to be abnormal. I asked my mother in law to take care of her. She had fainted. She is sleeping, but she is responding. We consulted a Family Physician, and we got a CT scan done. I thought it was funny. She got a blackout, again. We went to an Army Doctor, and we had to give her a shock treatment. My wife was 33 years old, and I was against it. I went to a different doctor, and they also did a scan. A month and a half had passed by, and we could not figure out the diagnosis. It was very tense. We had to taken to her doctor, and he was practicing Visualize Therapy. 

We came out of the clinic, and she got her first clinic. We found out there is a tumor in her right side of the brain. The two doctors had a conflict of medical opinions. They did not come to a conclusion. She was discharged after 3 days. After 2 days, she had a concession, which was more intense and longer. 

I went to a different set of doctors. It was closer to my house. She told her to walk in a straight line. They did another MRI scan with all the required tests. The sample went to a Lab. It will take 3 days to do this. I could not wait. It was a rare brain cancer in 2005. 

These doctors are really unfriendly and inhumane. They told me that she was going to live only for a week. The anxiety and the pain in my wife, I could not see it. She was treated for a week or so. It was already March and she was operated on the 10th, in 2006. She came out, and she gave me a thumbs up. 

I had my 5 year old son. I had a good night's sleep. The next morning around 5, I got a call from the hospital. I drove 15 kms, and her skull had blown up. Her eyes were swollen, and they had to do one more surgery. I had lost complete hope, but I didnt give up. The Brain Cancer surgery was successful. I noticed that she was not able to lift her left hand, and her left side of the body was completely paralyzed.

She profusely bled after the surgery. After 10 days, she was discharged. She would not be completely normal. They had no empathy. She was being treated for physiotherapy. She was told to take radiotherapy. I consulted a homeotherapy physician. She was tested for the blood count. 

7-8 months passed by, giving her a particular algae from the sea. It was a minute powder, with honey. It went for a month. I tell caregivers and patients to not lose hope. They go by statistics. According to me, it is just a number.

I quit my job. I was a mail nurse for her, 24/7. It went around 6 months. One day, we had a ceremony. We went for another check-up after 3 months. The tumour had spread. She had lost all her senses. She was a piece of wood. The Brain cancer had completely swallowed her brain. 

We cant perform any surgery, because the front brain has gone. He asked us to chant. I gave up, and we met an astrologer. I came back. 

My brother in law called me, and she had passed away. 


It was very tough. I was anxious. I used to get up during the nights. I used to go out and go out for drives. What, next is the big question. I had to attend to my son, and my wife. It was a nightmare. IBM asked me to say. I compromised my career, and my personal health. I was frustrated, and I was depressed. What kept me going, is that I wanted to save her. If all the money goes, I want to save her. 

Alternative therapies: 

I lost my respect for Homeopathy. Homeopathy helped a lot. Her blood count had stopped. She started having really bad dreams, everyday. He makes homeopathy medicine out of flowers. He doesnt charge. He is a retired employee. You have to stand in a queue. She was fine, except the brain cancer. 

Parting Message:

Once your loved one has cancer, you are an ATM. A right balance between money, and treatment is needed. Sense of uncertainty is needed. You have to maintain your inner peace. You have to be physically, and mentally strong. You are destined to do the service. 

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