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Ranjana Dhingra (Gist Tumor)

Ranjana Dhingra (Gist Tumor)

Ranjana Dhingra was having symptoms of GIST tumor in the month of September. ZenOnco.io guided her to meet the right oncologist, as per her case. We helped her connect with Dr.Shona Nag in Sahyadri Hospital, Pune. Patient was very much satisfied with the consultation and started treatment under guidance.

Ranjana was also facing weight and diet issues. We guided her to follow a personalized anti-cancer diet as well. Following the diet plan helped in reducing the side effects and managing her diabetes. Diet plan also helped in improving the efficacy of the medical treatment she is taking.

Being diagnosed with GIST tumor and going through intensive treatment was very stressing for Ranjana. She was having stress and anxiety. We connected her to our onco-psychologist. The assignments given to her really calmed her in tough situations and it reduced the stress and anxiety.

After following the medications, oncologist had advised Ranjana to undergo surgery. She has recently undergone surgery and is recovering really well.


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