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Ranjan Chawla: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Warrior

Ranjan Chawla: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Warrior

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Diagnosis

It all started in April during the lockdown. I was hosting an online webinar, and being busy; I missed my lunch. I continued my work but suddenly developed excruciatingPainin my stomach. ThePainwas so terrible that I had to sit down. I consulted a doctor, who suggested it could be food poisoning. He gave some medicines, and for safety, he also advised aCBCtest. The following day, I got myBlood Testreports, which showed that my white blood cell count was very high.

Since thePainhadn't receded after taking his medicines, I consulted my family doctor with theCBCtest results, and he asked me to meet him. But since my area was under a red zone due to Covid-19, I couldn't meet him that day. But since thePainhad no mood to leave me, I called a cab the next day and consulted him. He asked me again for a CBC test,Ultrasoundscan, andX-Ray. After receiving the scan reports, I googled it and realized that I was suffering from cancer, although I was not sure it wasLeukemia. I met the doctor, and he asked whether I had anyone with me. I replied that I came alone and was okay since I knew I had cancer. He was surprised and asked me how I was aware, and I told him of the superpowers of Google. He told me that the test reports showed an indication ofLeukemia, advised me to meet an Oncologist, and even suggested a doctor. I met the Oncologist, and he did many tests to identify the cancer as Chronic Myeloid Leukemia correctly and gave me some medicines for relief from thePain. Thankfully his medicines worked, and I got some respite from thePain.

The "Why Me" Question

The main question that clouds your mind after the cancer diagnosis is, "Why me?" This is a big question for every cancer patient, and it was the same for me. I had a healthy lifestyle and had never consumed non-veg food,Alcoholor smoked my entire life. I even preferred juice to tea and caffeine. All my friends and relatives were also talking about how, out of all people, I could have gotLeukemia.

Before myLeukemiadiagnosis, I used to wake up every morning at least by 6 am. I used to take a glass of water, juice or honey and jog. I used to do workouts at the gym regularly, but I had to stop going due to my hectic schedule.

After my biopsy, I couldn't even complete one round around the park; I usually used to jog three daily rounds. So, I slowly started walking and managed to increase the distance day by day. In around 15 days, I could complete a whole round of the park, about 3 km in length. I also took care of my diet. I kept it very simple. Even though doctors usually suggest avoiding milk, I have always been a milk guy and need at least a glass of milk daily. During the lockdown, I discovered that a Rajasthan-based company provided pure cow milk. So, I contacted them and ordered pure cow milk during myLeukemiajourney. I cooked food for myself and wholly avoided spices and oily food.

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Treatment

I consulted several doctors before finalizing my treatment procedure. I had also visited anAyurvedaclinic, and all of them thought that my cancer must have been due toStressand lifestyle changes. They also mentioned a few diet points to remember, like having only home-cooked food and avoiding spices and oily food.

I didn't take any allopathic treatment form like Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy and have been using Dasatinib tablet for the last four months.

Family Support

I hadn't told them about myLeukemiadiagnosis at the beginning of my cancer journey and told my parents only after I started taking my medicine. I also told only some of my close friends about the diagnosis.

My mom told me never to think about being diagnosed with CMLLeukemia. I think her belief and support played a significant role in my journey. There is also my friend, Manvi, who supported me a lot emotionally. Even her family used to regularly ask me about my medicines, treatment and health, just like my own family. My Oncologist was also a great support and was always available by chat.

Parting Message:

Our body always sends us a signal if something is wrong. We should take care of that and do regular check-ups. Around January, my body had also given me some signs, but I had ignored them. Therefore, we should always go for regular check-ups and notice the most minor body changes.

We should always follow our passion and engage in physical engagement, whether cricket, dance or regular exercise. Apart from this, we should follow a regular diet and avoidstress.

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