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Ram Kumar Kasat (Colon Cancer Warrior): Don't Just Hear Positive, But Also Be Positive

Ram Kumar Kasat (Colon Cancer Warrior): Don't Just Hear Positive, But Also Be Positive

Detection/Diagnosis of Colon Cancer

I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer back in January 2018. My hemoglobin and B12 levels had suddenly dropped. During check-ups, a tumor was discovered in my intestine.

Treatment of my Colon Cancer

I underwent surgery to remove the tumor in February 2018. Therapies continued until September of that year, and I thought I had become a Colon Cancer survivor. However, a few months later, I experienced other health complications and was tested again in March 2019. The reports indicated that my cancer had recurred.

This time, the cancer had metastasized to my lymph nodes, prompting another operation. Everything seemed fine, and I hoped once again that I had become a cancer survivor. Yet, in October 2019, my cancer recurred in the same area where I had my lymph nodes operated. Following the doctors' suggestion, I underwent radiation therapy, which unfortunately was not effective. The cancer spread to other parts of my body. Currently, I am undergoing Chemotherapy.Additionally, I have turned to Ayurveda and have been taking herbal powder for the past 1-2 months to support my cancer journey.

Two months ago, I had another operation due to some issues in my intestine

Thoughts on my Colon Cancer Story

Colon cancer progresses through different stages. For stages 1 and 2, there are effective treatments available in India. However, as the cancer develops further, as in my case, it becomes more challenging.

For stages 3 and 4 colon cancer, there is a significant need for new treatment discoveries. At these advanced stages, Surgery often becomes the only option. Currently, there are no other effective treatments at these stages. I believe that more effective medicines or treatments need to be developed. I am glad to be able to share this part of my colon cancer patient story.

Parting Message for Cancer Warriors and Colon Cancer Patients

When you are diagnosed with cancer, do not panic. More importantly, avoid making hasty decisions. Cancer warriors should keep their minds calm, thoroughly analyze all options, and then begin treatment.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, and strengthen your willpower. Consume more liquids and nutrient-rich foods. Regular exercise will not only strengthen your immune system but also improve your mental fitness.

My motto as a cancer warrior and colon cancer patient is not just to listen to positive words but to internalize positivity. Lead a healthy life; that is key in fighting cancer.

Do not let your passion, ambitions, and hopes be halted by a cancer diagnosis. Instead, view your cancer journey as the beginning of a new warrior's life. Set your targets and lead the way to success yourself. Rely on yourself and be your own hero.

Bullet lines from Ram Kumar Kasat's Healing Journey

1- I turned into a Colon Cancer warrior in January 2018. My hemoglobin and B12 levels dropped steeply. Checkups were done, and a tumor was detected in my intestine.

2- I got my tumor operated. Therapies were done in 2018. Nevertheless, my cancer reoccurred in 2019. This time, it had metastasized into my lymph nodes. I still fought with it and got it operated.

3- Afterwards, it reoccurred for the third time. Currently I am undergoing Chemotherapy and using Ayurveda as well.

4- When cancer is first diagnosed, it's common for patients and their families to panic and make decisions hastily. Instead, we should remain calm, thoroughly analyze all information, and then start treatment. Do not put a full stop to your life as a cancer warrior. Set your targets and lead your way to success.

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