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Protein Powder for Cancer Patients

Protein Powder for Cancer Patients

Protein powder is a critical element for cancer, which is among the leading causes of mortality worldwide. However, studies suggest that modest lifestyle changes such as consuming a nutritious diet can prevent 30-50% of all cancers. Eating the right meals before, during, and after cancer treatment can help the patient feel better and stay stronger. Changing your diet while undergoing cancer treatment will help you build strength and endure the impacts of the disease and its treatment. When determining the best ways to acquire the nourishment your body requires, you must consider the type of cancer you have, your therapy, and any adverse effects you may be experiencing. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and stem-cell transplant are all cancer therapies that have an impact on nutrition.

Eating well while undergoing cancer treatment may benefit you by retaining your strength and energy, maintaining your weight, effectively tolerating treatment-related adverse effects, minimizing your risk of infection, and healing and recovering more quickly. Cancer and cancer treatments can have an impact on taste, smell, appetite, and the ability to eat enough food and absorb nutrients from meals. Malnutrition, a disorder caused by a lack of critical nutrients, can result from this. Malnutrition can make a patient weak and fatigued, rendering them unable to fight infection or complete their cancer therapy. Malnutrition may even worsen if cancer spreads or progresses. Besides it, malnutrition is one of the major reasons for mortality in cancer patients.

Hence, it is critical to consume foods rich in calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as supplements, to fulfill your nutrient requirements. Meals should be planned to meet the nutritional goals and food preferences of cancer patients. Staying hydrated and consuming appropriate fluids, calories, and nutrients for muscle tissue can reduce treatment complications, strengthen your immune system, and help prevent unpleasant side effects like fatigue.

Importance of protein powder in cancer

Protein is one of the most significant elements in cancer patient’s diets. Patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation will have increased protein requirements. Protein aids in the development and maintenance of muscle, which is vital for cancer patients who may have difficulty eating and are losing weight. When people lose weight, it is frequently muscle rather than fat, therefore, protein is essential throughout and after treatment.

Adequate protein intake can prevent the progression of cancer as well as help your body fight infections, retain muscle mass, treat wounds, and support your recovery journey. If you are having problems consuming protein-rich meals, including protein powder in your regular diet might be a convenient way to assist your cancer recovery journey.

Protein powders are more effective than dietary proteins in combating cancer-related weight loss and muscle atrophy. They are more convenient and are a simple way to supplement protein intake when compared to dietary proteins. According to research, animal protein powder is no longer the only ideal type of protein to include in your diet. The yields of plant-based/vegan protein powder are equally high and they have many more health advantages than animal-based protein powder.

Benefits of Protein Powder 

  • A very convenient form of protein supplement is readily available and easy to use.
  • The easily soluble form can be used in shakes and other drinks
  • Can also be used in combination with dishes such as oats and salads and also as an ingredient in smoothies
  • Helps in the cancer journey with its anti-cancer properties and boosts the immunity
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy weight and muscle mass.
  • It provides the body with adequate proteins which might not be available through the diet.
  • Aids in the production of glutathione, protecting the cells from cancerous agents.
  • Can be taken in the form of fluids with smoothies for people who find it difficult to chew or swallow solid food items.

Muscle Mass

Protein is crucial to maintaining muscle mass. It aids in building strength and is quite popular among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. In healthy adults who engage in resistance exercise training, such as lifting weights, that protein supplements dramatically help to increase muscle size and strength.  In the case of cancer patients, their body is weakened with various treatments and medication. Without an adequate amount of protein in the body, cancer warriors will find it difficult to regain a healthy body and might even go through malnutrition. It can also help in repairing the muscle tissue while also aiding its growth. It hastens the recovery process of the muscles in case of any soreness, pain, or other similar issues. Protein powder will also help speed up muscle recovery by minimizing muscle damage, enhancing muscle function, and increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

To enable the healthy functioning of the body, it is essential to maintain a healthy weight.  Obese people might need to reduce their weight for better functioning, whereas some may require to gain weight for the smooth functioning of their bodily functions. To achieve adequate body weight, the consumption of proteins is important. People may feel full for longer by consuming foods high in protein and taking supplements. Hence, the number of snacking sessions and the portions will reduce. This will help in decreasing the body weight in a way that the body is fed with the appropriate nutrients while concentrating on weight loss. In case of increasing the body weight, it concentrates on healthy weight gain, strengthening muscles, and overall immunity. Additionally, it might also aid in lowering the total cholesterol, blood pressure, and other cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Protein Powder for Cancer Patients

Most cancer patients experience treatment-related side effects during the cancer journey. It can be nausea, vomiting, and weight loss. For such patients achieving a fully balanced diet can be difficult. Therefore, incorporating protein powder into the diet can be an effective choice that will aid your cancer journey and recovery. For patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, the body tends to become weaker due to the heavy treatment they undergo. However, when the protein intake is increased, it will help increase the efficiency of the treatment while also protecting the body from cancerous agents, strengthening the body to fight infections, and maintaining muscle mass, helping in the overall recovery of the body.

Industry-leading plant-based protein powder specifically formulated for cancer patients

ZenPro by combines an ingredient matrix of the highest quality plant-based ingredients such as Pea protein isolate and Rice protein isolate, along with herbal extracts such as moringa powder, curcumin, spirulina powder, flax seed extract, and much more. It is a nutraceutical plant protein enriched with herbal extracts, which is specifically formulated for cancer patients. This specific plant-based protein blend delivers a whopping amount of 29.4gm protein per serving. By avoiding the use of artificial sweeteners, ZenPro keeps things all-natural for this plant protein, making it one-of-a-kind. Pea protein and rice protein together exhibit a complete essential amino acid profile, unlike other plant proteins. It is also high in iron and branched-chain amino acids, including arginine, which helps with blood flow and cardiovascular health, and leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which help with muscle growth.

The best part about plant-based protein powder is that it can be used and tolerated by people of all body types. Animal-based whey protein, on the other hand, has been linked to stomach difficulties and allergies in many people. Eating a plant-based diet lowers your risk of cancer, as plants include phytochemicals, which may help prevent cancer. The good fiber content in plant proteins can also help maintain weight and protect gut health.

Unlike the other protein powders available in the market, which solely contain protein, ZenPro protein powder is enriched with herbal extracts such as Moringa, which has been proven to have anticancer, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, hepatoprotective, and even anti-bacterial effects. ZenPro is good for diabetic patients as well, as it contains no sugar, not even artificial sweeteners or additives. It contains a blend of stevia and thaumatin, which are safe and natural substitutes for refined sugar and all other artificial sweeteners. Even sweeter than stevia, thaumatin is currently the most potent natural sweetener available in the market, which also masks the bitter aftertaste of stevia, thus making ZenPro the best-tasting protein powder for cancer patients. The moringa powder and spirulina added in ZenPro have also been proven to help manage the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. The all-natural feature of this protein powder is well-preserved while providing you with an exceptional tasting experience with each intake.

Apart from the highest-quality protein, ZenPro is also enriched with curcumin, a natural compound derived from turmeric, which has been extremely researched and proved to have preventive and therapeutic effects on various types of cancers. It has been shown to lower inflammation, prevent cancer cell proliferation, and even initiate cancer cell apoptosis.

The protein powder also contains orange powder and lemon powder, which are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant known to exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. Orange and lemon powder also enhance flavor and helps in managing nausea, which is a common side effect of cancer treatments. Pomegranate powder present in ZenPro enhances the nutrient profile of the protein powder, as it is rich in several antioxidants and nutrients. Pomegranate extracts are also being studied to help in managing the side effects of cancer treatment as well.

The addition of spirulina is yet another boon that makes ZenPro the best protein powder for cancer patients available in the market. Spirulina may have anti-cancer qualities, and according to several studies, it may lessen cancer occurrence and tumor size and has been supported for its chemo-preventive properties.

To add one more gem to its nutrient profile, ZenPro also contains almond powder, as well as flax seed extracts, which are loaded with protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Because of their numerous biological effects, omega-3 fatty acids are considered immunonutrients and are extensively utilized in the nutritional therapy of cancer patients. They may also aid in the prevention and treatment of several types of cancers. ZenPro also contains the specificities of date powder, which is yet another ingredient that is rich in antioxidants, exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, and may even help in reducing the side effects of cancer treatment, according to ongoing studies.

Not to forget about the addition of inulin, derived from chicory root fiber, which acts as a prebiotic in the body. Prebiotics has been linked to improved bowel functions and distal colon metabolism, and they may also aid in boosting anti-tumor immunity, thus limiting cancer growth and protecting against colon carcinogenesis. MCT fat powder is yet another excellent addition to ZenPro. Its ingestion lowers the generation of pro-inflammatory immune cells while increasing the production of anti-inflammatory, immune cells. MCT fat powder is being incorporated in top-rated vegan protein powders as it also aids with weight management and immunological function.

Unlike all the other cancer-specific protein powders available in the market, ZenPro is not restricted to use in shakes only. It can seamlessly blend with any type of meal, which makes it highly versatile to use in everyday meals. It is heat stable and does not change the color, texture, or taste of the meals when added. Hence, patients can easily add it to different beverages and dishes and even to simpler foods like chapatti, dal, or sabzi. This property surely makes ZenPro stand out from all the other protein powders.

Considering the vast array of beneficial ingredients incorporated in ZenOnco's ZenPro protein powder, it is indeed the best-in-segment protein powder available in the market. It is clear from the formulation that it has been prepared to keep in mind the nutritional requirements of cancer patients from all aspects and not only to fulfill their protein requirements solely. Apart from providing the highest-quality protein to cancer patients, it will also help in managing the side effects of cancer treatments and reducing the chances of cancer recurrence, which is the ultimate goal of as well.

No single food can completely prevent you from cancer on its own. However, research suggests that a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and other plant foods lowers the risk of several cancers. Many minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals have been found to have anti-cancer effects in laboratory trials. A planned nutritional strategy is most likely to be beneficial. Adopting the appropriate cancer diet, according to doctors, may reduce your cancer risk by 70% and will also aid in cancer recovery.

Good nutrition enhances the quality of life of cancer patients and even assists in their treatment journey, as well as aid in preventing malnutrition and other diseases. It is best to have a healthy, balanced diet with enough protein and calories.

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