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ZenOnco Cancer Wellness Program

ZenOnco Cancer Wellness program helps you to improve clinical outcomes by strengthening your body, mind and soul through a holistic integrative oncology approach. Under this program, we shall focus on your medical treatment and integrative medicines, including anti-cancer diet, supplements, medical cannabis, ayurveda, yoga, meditation & mind-body medicine.


Why do you need it?

As part of the ZenOnco Cancer Wellness Program, we shall focus on your medical and complementary treatment, including an anti-cancer diet, supplements, medical cannabis, ayurveda, yoga, meditation & • mind-body medicine. This program has helped thousands of patients increase their chances of cure, improve clinical outcomes, kill cancer cells and live a healthy and happy life.

• ZenOnco Cancer Wellness Program helps cancer patients to
• Boosts immunity and prepare the body for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery
• Strengthens healthy cells and kills cancerous cells
• Increase chances of cure and reduce chances of recurrence,
• Manages side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery
• Heals you from within by focusing on mind, body, soul & willpower
• Connect with multiple cancer experts, survivors, patients & caregivers

How will we guide you?

• The program will cover 31 sessions in total over 3 months with multiple cancer experts
• 12 group sessions for mind-body medicine (Yoga + meditation) (1 every week) *
• 12 group sessions on cancer wellness (Oncologist, Ayurveda) (1 every week) **
• 3 sessions with Onco-Nutritionist for Anti-Cancer Diet (1 every month)
• 3 sessions with Medical Cannabis & Ayurveda Expert (1 every month)
• 1 consultation with an oncologist
• 24x7 cancer coach support to answer all your queries

What makes ZenOnco Cancer Wellness Program beneficial for patients?

• Personalized cancer guidance from 6 Cancer Experts throught the duration of three months
• Available around-the-clock dedicated Cancer Coach

  1. We shall share a plan and schedule for your video consultations along with details on the cancer expert after you have registered for the program.
  2. We will also call and send you reminders before your sessions so you don’t miss a single session.
  3. Any supplements or medicines recommended by the experts have to be bought separately. You can buy them easily on website and ZenOnco Cancer Care App.
  4. Our Cancer Coach will guide you during your healing journey through our closely monitored treatment plan

    1. Why is ZenOnco Cancer Wellness Program effective? Cancer is a lifestyle disease, and the best cancer treatment requires the patient to follow a holistic & integrative approach, combining medical treatment and complementary treatment. The wellness program brings together cancer experts from multiple disciplines, such as oncologists, onco-nutritionists, ayurveda and medical cannabis experts, cancer coaches and other cancer experts, to guide cancer patients in their holistic healing journey.
    2. What is mind-body medicine, and why is it a part of the wellness program? In order to fight cancer, both mind and body need to be taken into consideration. High levels of mental stress lead to increased levels of Cortisol hormone in the body, which aids the growth of diseases, including cancer. It is essential that we address both the physical tumor cells and the mental agony that accompanies a cancer diagnosis to treat cancer completely.
    3. What if I forget to enroll in the wellness program? You can register for the next batch of ZenOnco Wellness Cancer Program. Call us at +919930709000 or message us here: to learn more about the session dates and enrollment process.
    4. Who are the experts guiding the patients? The cancer expert panel will have 7 cancer experts: Oncologist, Onco-Nutritionist, Ayurveda Expert, Medical Cannabis Expert, Cancer Coach, Mind-body Expert & a Medical Counselor.
    5. Is the program beneficial for late cancer-stage patients? Our program caters to your unique and personal requirements, which include the stage of your cancer diagnosis. We even take into consideration any pre-existing conditions like BP, Diabetes when creating your planning your treatment journey, formulating an anti-cancer diet plan or prescribing supplements.
    6. How will I get in touch with my Cancer Coach? Your cancer coaches will be available to you over WhatsApp and call, details of which shall be shared post-purchase. You can always pre-schedule an appointment with them.
    7. How do I attend the sessions? All the sessions will be conducted online to accommodate patients attending the program from all over the world. The meeting links will be shared with you in advance.
    8. Will I get reports/prescriptions from my consultations? Any prescription/report generated during any of your sessions will be shared with you within 24 hours after the session ends.
    9. Can I join the session midway/register for a selected number of sessions? While you can choose to enroll for sessions of your choice, and the pricing will be decided according to the individual consultation fees for the sessions, we have carefully crafted the plan by taking recommendations from 1000+ patients and 100+ cancer experts. We recommend you enroll for the whole program to receive maximum benefits in your healing journey.
    10. Are medicines included in the plan? The program includes only consultation sessions. Any medicine recommended by cancer experts can be bought from website or ZenOnco Cancer Care app.
    11. Can I return the medicines after purchase?Medicines are non-returnable and non-refundable. You can further check our return and refund policy under


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