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Manage Side Effects & Symptoms: Essentials

Elevate your cancer treatment journey with our ‘Manage Side Effects & Symptoms’ Integrative Oncology Program. This comprehensive program offers a 360-degree approach to wellness, optimizing medical treatment efficacy and managing side effects holistically. Elements like Onco-Nutrition, Medical Cannabis, Yoga, and Emotional Wellness are tailored to your unique needs. With the added support of a dedicated wellness coach, the program aims to fortify your immunity, enhance mind-body wellness, and provide solutions to challenges like appetite loss, pain, and stress.


Elevate Your Journey with Integrative Oncology

Why Choose the 'Manage Side Effects & Symptoms Program?

  • Optimize Treatment Efficacy: Harness the full potential of your medical treatment for better results.
  • Holistic Side-Effect Management: Comprehensive, natural solutions to combat the side effects of your treatment.
  • Nourish Mind-Body Wellness: A 360-degree approach to wellness, nurturing both your mind and body.
  • Fortify Immunity & Resilience: Build a stronger defense mechanism to face future challenges head-on.

Essentials: Your First Step Towards Comprehensive Cancer Care

  • One Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation: Dive into a personalized dietary roadmap designed to meet your unique needs.
  • One Medical Cannabis Session for Symptom Management: Discover the benefits of medical-grade cannabis in alleviating your symptoms, guided by our experts.

Comprehensive Program Elements

  • Onco-Nutrition:
    • Customized, Cancer-Focused Nutritional Planning
    • Dietary Supplements Tailored to Your Needs
  • Medical Cannabis:
    • Medical Cannabis for Symptom Alleviation
    • Regular Monitoring for Dose Adjustment
  • Yoga & Meditation:
    • Mindfulness Techniques to Enhance Focus
    • Breathing Exercises to Mitigate Treatment Side-Effects
  • Emotional Wellness:
    • Emotional Resilience Training
    • Tailored Coping Mechanisms for Stress and Anxiety
  • Wellness Coach Support:
    • Constant Care and Support from a Dedicated Coach
    • Weekly Progress Tracking and Adjustments

Solutions to Your Challenges

  • Appetite Loss: Count on our Onco-Nutrition plans to reignite your appetite.
  • Pain & Weakness: Experience relief through our Medical Cannabis treatment.
  • Sleep & Anxiety: Improve sleep and mitigate anxiety through our Mindfulness and Emotional Resilience Training.
  • Nausea & Vomiting: Utilize Yoga & Breathing Techniques to alleviate nausea.
  • Stress & Shock: Participate in our Individual and Group Emotional Wellness Sessions to manage stress and emotional upheaval.
  • Information Overload: Receive simplified, high-touch guidance from your dedicated wellness coach.
  • Recurrence: Stay on top of your health through our regular follow-ups focused on remission and survivorship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the focus of the ‘Manage Side Effects & Symptoms’ program? The program offers a 360-degree approach to wellness during your cancer treatment, including Onco-Nutrition, Medical Cannabis, Yoga, and Emotional Wellness.
  2. Who can benefit from this program? Anyone undergoing cancer treatment can benefit from this holistic program designed to optimize treatment efficacy and manage side effects.
  3. What does Onco-Nutrition involve? Onco-Nutrition involves a comprehensive nutrition consultation and a personalized dietary plan designed to meet your unique needs.
  4. How does Medical Cannabis contribute to the program? Medical Cannabis is used for symptom management, with regular monitoring to adjust doses as necessary.
  5. What role do Yoga and Meditation play? Yoga and meditation sessions are designed to enhance focus, alleviate treatment side-effects, and provide a balanced approach to physical and mental health.
  6. What is Emotional Wellness training? The program includes training to build emotional resilience and tailored coping mechanisms for managing stress and anxiety.
  7. How does a Wellness Coach support me? You’ll receive constant care and support from a dedicated Wellness Coach, who will also track your weekly progress and make adjustments to your plan.
  8. Can I opt for only specific elements of the program? Yes, the program is flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual needs.
  9. How do I sign up for the program? You can sign up through our website or contact our customer service for further details.
  10. How is the program different from my medical treatment? The ‘Manage Side Effects & Symptoms’ program is designed to complement your existing medical treatment, offering a holistic approach to manage side-effects and enhance overall well-being.
Sign up today to take a comprehensive and integrative approach to your cancer care with our ‘Manage Side Effects & Symptoms’ program.


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