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Recurrence Prevention Program: Essentials


Proactive Integrative Care for Sustained Wellness

Why Choose the 'Recurrence Prevention' Program?

  1. Minimize Recurrence Risk: Step beyond treatment and take active measures to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.
  2. Optimize Long-Term Health: Your health journey doesn’t end with treatment; make wellness a lifelong commitment.
  3. Manage Post-Treatment Symptoms: Navigate the complex aftermath of cancer treatment with our expert guidance.
  4. Promote Emotional Well-Being: Emotional recovery is as vital as physical recovery; we make sure you excel at both.

Essentials: A Focused Approach for Continued Wellness

  • Initial Comprehensive Lifestyle Consultation: Lay the groundwork for a healthier, recurrence-free future with an all-encompassing lifestyle consultation.
  • One Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation: Receive a personalized nutrition plan to nourish your body and mind, crafted by experts.
  • One Medical Cannabis Session for Symptom Management: Explore the powerful benefits of medical-grade cannabis in managing post-treatment symptoms effectively.

Comprehensive Program Elements

  • Lifestyle Consultation:
    • Comprehensive Analysis for a Balanced Lifestyle
    • Actionable Recommendations for Nutritional & Physical Wellness
  • Survivorship Planning:
    • Your Personal Blueprint for Sustained Health and Wellness
    • Periodic Check-ins for Course Corrections
  • Emotional Wellness:
    • Master Emotional Resilience
    • Customized Stress-Busting Techniques
  • Onco-Nutrition:
    • Tailored Nutritional Strategies for Cancer Survivors
    • Precision-Based Dietary Supplements
  • Survivorship Support:
    • Stay Informed with Cutting-Edge Research
    • Track Your Survivorship Progress Monthly

Solutions to Your Challenges

  • Fear of Recurrence: Find peace of mind with our in-depth Survivorship Planning.
  • Physical Weakness: Rebuild your strength through tailored physical therapy regimes.
  • Emotional Distress: Emotional well-being is a click away with our comprehensive emotional training and workshops.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Transition smoothly with personalized lifestyle consultations.
  • Long-Term Care Queries: We're here for you 24/7 with answers and solutions for all your survivorship concerns.
  • Monitoring: Maintain your progress and adapt with regular reassessments and modifications.


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