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Ms Triveni K - Anti Cancer Diet Consultation

  • Ms Triveni K, a clinical dietician, has a master’s degree in Dietetics in Food Service Management from Indira Gandhi Open University.
  • She has over 5 years of experience assessing, planning and creating nutritional plans for patients of all age including children, expecting mothers and cancer patients.
  • She has worked in various health care units to educate the client about the long-term health benefits of balanced diets and exercise.
  • She has conducted various workshops and webinars on Stress Management, Health and Wellness, Nutrition and Life Balance, Organic Cooking and Nutrition for corporates.
  • She is specializing in Critical Care Nutrition including Onco Nutrition.


  1. What food should cancer patients avoid? Milk, sugar, meat, processed foods, gluten, and refined products should be avoided by cancer patients.
  2. What is the best option for Cancer patients: Vegan, Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian? For an anti-cancer diet, a vegan or vegetarian diet is the best, as processed foods will increase the inflammation in the body. On a vegetarian diet also, try to consume A2 milk.
  3. How does a diet plan work with many supplements and medicines? Patients usually get overwhelmed when given a diet that includes many changes and supplements while already having so many medicines. Medicines cannot be stopped or delayed at any cost without consulting with the treating doctor. But diet and supplements can be included in daily routine gradually. It is better to make small changes regularly and incorporate the new diet slowly. It will help the patient to adapt to the changes well.
  4. I am cancer patient, I have diabetes too. Can I take juice? will it increase my sugar level? Juices are allowed in a combination of fruits and vegetables, like red juice made with carrot, beetroot, and pomegranate, or vegetable juice like green juice, which includes green leafy vegetables added with amla and turmeric root and pepper. These juices are high in antioxidants, rich in fiber, and have anti-cancer properties.
  5. I have cachexia, what should I eat? Cachexia is a condition where a drastic unintentional weight loss happens. Increase the calories and proteins in your diet. Give special emphasis on including tofu, lentils, peanuts, and different seeds like sesame seeds, melon seeds, flax seeds, etc. They contain glycine, arginine, omega 3 fatty acids, and glutamine that help prevent cachexia. It is advised to check for magnesium deficiency, which can lead to loss of appetite and muscle weakness.
  6. Some cancer patient feel extremely hungry due to dexa, what to do in this situation? People on dexamethasone need to eat a low salt/ sodium, potassium-rich diet, including proteins. If a patient feels hungry and is overweight or gaining weight, he should choose low-calorie but high-protein foods. He should take fruits and vegetables for high fiber. For carbohydrates, one should select unrefined cereals and millets like oats, ragi, pearl millet, buckwheat, etc. Pulses, grams, and dals should be taken for high protein, low-fat food. For snacks, one should opt for fruits, vegetables, and nuts whenever hungry. Patients should avoid processed, high sugar and fat foods.
  7. I am using a Ryle’s tube , what diet should I follow? Juices, conjees, smoothies, and soups are good. You may need to take a supplement for protein.


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