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Mili Baruah - Mind Body Wellness

  • Mili Baruah has completed her Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy from DAV Institute of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Jalandhar, Master Diploma in Alternative Medicine and International Yoga Certification from S. Vyasa University. She is currently pursuing MSc in Yoga and Consciousness.
  • She has been training cancer patients for over 7 years and has expertise in
    • Mind and body wellness
    • Yoga for stress management
    • Immunity booster yoga
    • Breathwork- Pranayama and mindfulness
    • Pain management
  • She is a breast cancer survivor.
  • She is versatile in teaching beginners to advanced yoga and is experienced in instructing all age groups.
  • Mili Baruah has trained more than 1000 students worldwide in the past and is currently taking online classes for many students, including yoga for senior citizens, yoga for kids, and yoga for all.
  • She is highly qualified and received multiple recognitions from AIIMS and Guwahati medical college for her contributions in yoga.She has also set a record in Indian books of records by doing maximum Kapalbhati strokes performed in one minute.
  • She is working as a yoga instructor and mental wellness counselor with

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1 review for Mili Baruah – Mind Body Wellness

  1. Shankdeep

    Mili Baruah is an absolutely professional yoga therapist and very enjoyable sessions . Highly qualified and vast knowledge and mastery over anything we ask bout yoga Thanks

    • Santhosh Murugan

      Thank you for the feedback

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