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MediZen Breast Onco Care

A cancer diagnosis can be confusing and overwhelming. Opting the right treatment at the right time is crucial. We, at, developed an effective anti-cancer remedy for Breast Cancer care so that you can get the best cancer-fighting medicines from the comfort of your homes
MediZen Breast Onco Care is from our family of cancer-specific medicines. It is your perfect complementary cancer-fighting medicine for breast cancer cure and prevention.


What is MediZen Breast Onco Care?

Breast Onco Care is an all-natural ayurveda supplement that acts as a cancer-prevention and cancer-cure medicine for Breast Cancer patients. This unique supplement gives you comfort and helps you feel more relaxed while dealing with the physical and emotional effects of breast cancer and its treatment.

It is a unique blend of six carefully selected herbal flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to reduce side effects of cancer treatment make it a powerful anti-cancer remedy for breast cancer patients.

Why do you need it?

Breast cancer patients can develop complications, when the cancer cells have moved spread beyond original cancer site to other parts such as lymph nodes, bones, lungs, liver and skin. Breast Onco care helps prevent or reduce the impact of complications such as:

• Cancer-related pain
• Bone loss and osteoporosis
• Musculoskeletal symptoms
• Infertility & Absence of menstrual periods

As the outcomes might be unexpected sometimes, it is important to follow a healthy anti-cancer lifestyle, something we kept in mind while making Breast Onco Care.

MediZen Breast Onco Care is best for you if you :

• Abnormalities in the breast or underarm
• Irritation in breast skin
• Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood
• Thickening or swelling of part of the breast
• Pain in any area of the breast

What’s unique about MediZen Breast Onco Care?

Breast Onco Care is an active anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory agent. It has been used as an anti-cancer remedy, owing to its ability to reduce symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment. Besides promoting healthy cell growth, its tablets have proven to build an anti-cancer effect in the lives of our Blood Cancer patients. Our patients love Breast Onco Care as it is:

• Purely vegan
• Non-GMO
• Easy to consume in tablet form

Lifestyle Tips for you:

• Prevent alcohol intake
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Be physically active
• Limit postmenopausal hormone therapy

  1. Post purchase, will connect you with a certified Ayurveda Expert who would prescribe the correct dosage for your condition.
  2. MediZen Breast Onco Care with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties will be directly delivered to your address.
  3. Take 2 to 3 tablets a day after meal or as suggested by healthcare professional.
  4. Contact us for any queries regarding dosage at +919930709000.

    1. Who can use Breast Onco Care? Breast Cancer Patients looking to improve their health by incorporating medicinal herbs in their lifestyle can use this.
    1. Does it work for Breast cancer patients? Breast Onco Care is made of multiple herbs possessing great potential for curing cancer. This supplement will influence different organ systems altogether and nourish the body inside out.
    1. What are the benefits of Breast Onco Care? The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Breast Onco Care will help to fight cancer. It reduces inflammation, and helps manage cancer symptoms & side-effects. It also improves immune function.
    1. How many times should Breast Onco Care be consumed per day? The dosage will completely depend on your cancer profile. Kindly reach out to our health professionals for the same.
    1. How do I know Breast Onco Care is good for me? Breast Onco Care is trusted by doctors and practitioners worldwide. It has also been approved by AYUSH.
    1. What if Breast Onco Care doesn’t suit me? Generally, that should not happen, but if you have any concerns or feedback, kindly reach out to us at [email protected] to help you with your query.
    1. Can I take Breast Onco Care with other vitamins or mineral supplements? Yes. It can be taken with other Vitamins and Minerals. In case of any doubts about dosage, please contact us at [email protected]
    1. When can I see the results of Breast Onco Care? With regular use of products and a healthy, clean anti-cancer diet, you will be able to see the results in a  few months.
    1. What result can I expect from Breast Onco Care during cancer treatment? Breast Onco Care effectively mitigates health issues faced during and after cancer treatment. These are used as supplements and other anticancer remedies, showing positive results against the cancer cells without affecting other body tissues.
    1. If I consume Breast Onco Care, what type of diet should I follow for better results? It is always advisable to follow a healthy and anti-cancer diet to see the visible results of the supplement. Try to add a lot of greens and colorful veggies to your diet.
    1. Can Breast Onco Care be taken along with chemotherapy? Yes. Cancer treatment alongside Breast Onco Care will significantly reduce the toxic side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. It should be taken from the beginning of chemotherapy for better results.
    1. Who should not use Breast Onco Care? A pregnant or breastfeeding mother should not consume the product without medical consultation. Also, this product should be kept away from children.
    2. Does Breast Onco Care have an expiration date? Breast Onco Care is made of potent herbs and does tend to lose its herbal properties over time. It is always recommended to use this supplement regularly for better results and not to lose its medicinal properties. It retains its properties for 24 months from manufacturing.
    3. Why is Breast Onco Care a must-have? Breast Onco Care is a herbal extract of various herbs that help fight Breast Cancer through its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also boosts immunity, regenerates cells and helps to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.
    1. Can I return the medicines after purchase? Medicines are non-returnable and non-refundable. You can further check our return and refund policy here:


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