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Emotional Counseling Personalized Sessions (Monthly 12 Sessions)

Take control of your emotional well-being with ZenOnco.io’s specialized Emotional Counseling Sessions. Opt for 12 sessions of one-on-one counseling with our certified emotional counselors to bolster your emotional resilience, help manage stress, and provide a safe space for emotional exploration. With ongoing support and personalized plans, ZenOnco.io is committed to complementing your cancer care with essential emotional wellness strategies.


Elevate Your Emotional Well-Being with ZenOnco.io's Emotional Counseling Sessions

What's Included?

  • 1-Hour Personalized Counseling (12 sessions in month): Speak privately with a certified emotional counselor specializing in cancer care.
  • Crisis Support: Immediate access to qualified counselors for emotional support in moments of severe distress.

Transform Your Cancer Journey: Why Choose ZenOnco.io's Counseling Sessions?

  • Emotional Resilience: Learn coping mechanisms and mindfulness techniques that can increase your emotional strength.
  • Stress Management: Gain tools for effectively managing stress and anxiety that may come with cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Emotional Support: Benefit from a non-judgmental space to explore and discuss your emotions, fears, and concerns.
  • Community Building: Connect with others who are going through similar challenges, building a supportive community.

Ongoing Support for Continued Emotional Wellness

  • Consistent Monitoring: Our counselors regularly assess your emotional well-being and adapt strategies accordingly.
  • Customized Support Plans: Receive a personalized emotional support plan that complements your medical treatment.

Take Control of Your Emotional Wellness Today

Embark on a transformative emotional journey by incorporating our specialized counseling sessions into your cancer care plan. Click below to book your counseling session and take a step toward emotional wellness.


Decreases depression and stress

Complete family counselling

Strengthens mind & body



Enhances quality of life



Cancer Coach

Mental and Physical Health

Free checkup



Protocol Usage Guidelines

  1. We shall arrange for a video consultation for you with our Onco Psychologist.
  2. Post consultation, there shall be take-home assignments & activities that would need to be done before the next session

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What services are offered in the counseling sessions? ZenOnco.io offers individual and group therapy sessions led by certified emotional counselors.
  2. How do the sessions work? Individual sessions are one-on-one with a certified counselor, while group sessions involve community support and shared experiences.
  3. What topics are covered? Counselors focus on stress management, emotional resilience, and providing a space for emotional support.
  4. How do I book a session? You can book a session via the link on our website.
  5. Is ongoing support available? Yes, we offer consistent monitoring and customized emotional support plans.
  6. Are these sessions only for cancer patients? While the focus is on cancer care, the emotional counseling services can benefit anyone needing emotional support.
  7. Do I need to prepare anything for my first session? No preparation is required, but you may bring any questions or topics you wish to discuss.
  8. Can these sessions replace medical treatment? These sessions are meant to complement, not replace, traditional medical treatments.
  9. How can I contact ZenOnco.io for more information? For additional queries, please use the contact form on our website or call our customer service line.
Book your session today to take the first step in managing your emotional wellness with ZenOnco.io’s specialized emotional counseling.


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