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Early Detection Program: Advanced


Step Up Your Proactive Screening with 'Early Detection' Advanced

Discover, Diagnose, and Destress: The Power of Comprehensive Early Detection

  1. Early Diagnosis for Better Outcomes: Move beyond the essentials to explore a world of comprehensive diagnosis.
  2. Extensive Screening Tests: Screenings that go the extra mile, from thyroid to cancer markers.
  3. In-depth Personalized Risk Assessment: Turn insights into action plans with our thorough evaluations.
  4. Peace of Mind: Set your worries aside with the most extensive early detection protocol available.

Advanced: For Those Who Want More

  • All Tests in Essentials Plus: Laying a comprehensive foundation for your health.
  • FT3, FT4, TSH: Thyroid tests to monitor your metabolic rate and well-being.
  • Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), CA 19-9: Important markers for various types of cancers.
  • For Males: Prostate-Specific Antigen: Targeted tests for gender-specific risks.
  • For Females: CA 15.3, CA 125: Specialized markers for breast and ovarian cancer.

Advanced Comprehensive Program Features

  • Extensive Screening:
    • Utilizes the latest technologies for superior accuracy.
    • A broader spectrum of tests for an in-depth look at potential cancer risks.
  • Advanced Risk Assessment:
    • Detailed questionnaires followed by expert-led follow-up consultations.
  • Expert Consultations:
    • Comprehensive interpretation of test results.
    • Expert-led personalized treatment guidance and pathway mapping.

Advanced Solutions to Your Challenges

  • Worry about Cancer Risk: All-encompassing screenings and detailed expert consultations.
  • Family History of Cancer: Advanced genetic testing and in-depth risk assessment.
  • Limited Awareness: Expanded risk assessments and educational outreach.
  • Navigating Medical System: Expert consultations for personalized, navigational guidance through healthcare systems.


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