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Dr. Vyas Durgadutt - Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis Consultation

Your Pathway to Holistic Health

Why Choose Dr. Vyas for Your Ayurveda & Medical Cannabis Consultation?

Dr. Vyas Durgadutt, a highly experienced Ayurvedic practitioner with over 12 years of expertise, is dedicated to holistic healing with a specialization in Medical Cannabis for cancer patients:

Educational Background:

  • BAMS and MD in Ayurveda from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Pune.
  • Expertise in Ayurvedic treatments, Ras-aushadhi (herbo-mineral preparations), Kashth aushadhi (herbal preparations), and Panchakarma treatments.

Specialization in Holistic Health:

  • Focuses on a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses, with a special emphasis on cancer care.
  • Utilizes Ayurvedic and cannabis-based medicine for comprehensive cancer care.

Rooted in Traditional Ayurveda:

  • Hails from a traditional Ayurvedic Vaidya family with a lineage spanning four generations.
  • Carries the wisdom and expertise passed down through generations and from Guru Vaidyaraj Aacharya Yadavji Trikamji.
  • Dr. Vyas is passionate about helping cancer patients heal and improve their quality of life through Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis.

What’s Included?

  • 1-Hour Comprehensive Consultation with Dr. Vyas: Discuss your cancer condition in depth with our Ayurveda Doctor and Medical Cannabis Expert.
  • Personalized Cannabis Protocol: Receive a tailored cannabis treatment regimen designed to complement your existing cancer treatments, complete with a prescription and usage instructions.
  • Post-Consultation Support: Your prescribed CBD medicines are dispatched directly to your doorstep, and you benefit from regular follow-ups to monitor your progress.

Key Benefits of Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis for Cancer Patients:

  • Improved Immunity and Strength: Ayurveda and medical cannabis work together to enhance your immune system and overall strength during cancer treatment.
  • Root Cause Treatment: These holistic approaches address the root causes of cancer and its side effects, promoting long-lasting healing and better quality of life.
  • Detoxification: Ayurveda helps detoxify your body, eliminating harmful substances and supporting your overall well-being during cancer care.
  • Side-effect Management: Medical cannabis can alleviate common side effects of cancer treatments, such as pain, nausea, appetite loss, and sleep disturbances.

Ongoing Support for Optimized Cancer Care

Post-consultation with Dr. Vyas, our team remains committed to your cancer treatment journey. Receive your prescribed CBD medicines and benefit from regular follow-ups to adjust treatment as necessary.

Take Control of Your Cancer Treatment Journey Today

Harness the power of Ayurveda and medical cannabis to enhance your holistic health and overall quality of life during your cancer treatment. Click below to finalize your consultation booking with Dr. Vyas.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Ayurveda, and how can it benefit my health? Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that focuses on balancing the body, mind, and spirit to promote overall well-being. It offers personalized treatment plans based on your unique constitution and health needs, addressing a wide range of health issues from chronic diseases to stress management.

  2. How does Ayurveda work in harmony with modern medicine? Ayurveda can complement modern medicine by providing holistic approaches to health and well-being. Integrating Ayurveda with modern medicine can enhance the overall efficacy of treatment and minimize side effects.

  3. What are the key benefits of Ayurveda for cancer patients? Ayurveda offers cancer patients a holistic approach to treatment, including personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations. It can help manage cancer treatment side effects, improve immune function, and promote overall quality of life during and after treatment.

  4. How does Medical Cannabis support health and well-being? Medical Cannabis has been shown to have various therapeutic benefits, such as pain management, reducing inflammation, alleviating nausea, and improving sleep quality. It can be a valuable complementary treatment for various medical conditions.

  5. Can Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis be used together for better results? Yes, Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis can be integrated to provide comprehensive care. Ayurvedic principles can guide the use of Medical Cannabis to maximize its benefits while minimizing potential side effects.

  6. Are there specific Ayurvedic herbs that complement Medical Cannabis use? Ayurveda offers a wide range of herbs and remedies that can complement the use of Medical Cannabis. These herbs can help manage side effects, improve digestion, and support overall well-being.

  7. How can Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis help with chronic pain management? Ayurveda offers personalized approaches to pain management through dietary adjustments, herbal treatments, and lifestyle changes. When combined with Medical Cannabis, it can provide effective relief from chronic pain conditions.

  8. Can Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis support mental health and emotional well-being? Yes, both Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis have shown promise in supporting mental health. Ayurvedic practices like meditation and herbal remedies can help manage stress, anxiety, and depression, while Medical Cannabis may provide relief from symptoms of various mental health disorders.

  9. What are the potential side effects of Medical Cannabis, and how can Ayurveda help manage them? Some individuals may experience side effects when using Medical Cannabis. Ayurveda can provide strategies to manage these side effects, such as dietary modifications and herbal treatments, ensuring a more comfortable and balanced experience.

  10. How can I benefit from the synergy of Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis for my health and well-being? To experience the full potential of Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis, consult with experienced practitioners who can create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific health needs. This integrated approach aims to optimize your overall health and quality of life.


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